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FS1: Nursery - Rabbits 

Mrs. R. Colton :Part Time Nursery Teacher, Geography Subject Leader

Mrs. C. Little: Part Time Nursery Teacher; Eco Leader

Mrs. D. McCracken: Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss. Anan PAWS (30 hours provision)

Miss. Bandana PAWS (30 hours provision)


FS2: Reception - Owls

Mrs. J. Ingham: Foundation Phase Leader, Reception Teacher

Mrs. C. Little: Part Time Reception Teacher; Eco Leader

Mrs. S. Jones: Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss B. McLennan: Reception Teaching Assistant



Year 1 - Squirrels

Mrs. A. Wright: Year 1 Teacher, Phonics Subject Leader

Year 1 - Foxes

Mrs. E. Edwards: Year 1 Teacher, PSHE & Jigsaw Subject Leader


  • Year 1 Teaching Assistant: (Job share) Mrs. P. Footman & Mrs. D. Argent


Year 2 - Otters

Mrs. P. Hashdi: Year 2 Teacher, Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3 Phase Leader, Maths Subject Leader, Assistant Headteacher

Year 2 - Badgers 

Miss. N. Leach: Year 2 Teacher, Design and Technology & Art Subject Leader


  • Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs. J. Jina



Year 3 - Wrens

Mrs. J. Harris: Year 3 Teacher; Computing Subject Leader

Year 3 - Robins

Mrs. J. Debono : Year 3 Teacher Job Share, History Subject Leader

Mrs. N. Heyes: Year 3 Teacher Job Share, EAL Subject Leader


Year 4 - Woodpeckers 

Mr. M. Rowe: Year 4 Teacher, French & PPI Subject Leader

Year 4 - Kingfishers

Mrs. C. Harris : Year 4 Teacher, Science Subject Leader


  • Year 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant Mrs. A. Suleman


Year 5 - Kestrels

Mr. C. Hughes: Year 5 Teacher; Reading Subject Leader

Year 5 - Hawks 

Miss L. Stock: Year 5 Teacher; PE Subject Leader


Year 6 - Eagles

Mr. R. Randle: Year 6 Teacher, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 Phase Leader & Writing Subject Leader

Year 6 - Falcons

Mrs. E. Hurd: Year 6 Teacher Job Share, Music and Performing Arts Subject Leader

Mrs. Z. Burn: Year 6 Teacher Job Share, RE Subject Leader


  • Year 5 & 6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs. N. Randle




Miss. S. Llusca

Mrs. L. Hill

Mrs. J. Jina

Mrs. H. Smith 

Ms. S. Slater 

Mrs. K. Johal 

Mrs. T. Smart 




Mrs. A. Chan: PAWS & GRIZZLIES Childcare Setting Manager, Deputy DSL

Mrs. B. Rout: PAWS & GRIZZLIES Childcare Setting Practitioner

Mrs. J. Jones: PAWS & GRIZZLIES Childcare Setting Practitioner




Mrs. C. Taylor: Catering Manager

Mrs. C. Szklarek: General Assistant

Mrs. A. Collier: General Assistant

Mrs. L. Harwood: General Assistant

Mrs. K. Gillespie: Deputy Manager




Mrs. L. Hague: Lead Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. G. Cook: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. D. Sidwell: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. .J. Jones: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. J. Cartwright: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. C. Bowyer: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. S. Jones: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. D. Mistry: Child Specific Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss. E. Lake: Child Specific Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. S. O'Reilly: Child Specific Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. .J. Kaur: Child Specific Lunchtime Supervisor




Mr. R. Mann: Site Manager

Mrs. D. Shaw: Job share Child & Family Support Worker and DSL

Mrs. R. Finnegan: Job share Child & Family Support Worker and DSL

Mrs. Z. Wakeman: Trainee Play Therapist

Mrs. P. Hashdi: Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Leader

Mrs. H. Burke: Deputy Headteacher, DSL, Assessment Leader, SENCo

Mrs. L. Thorne: Headteacher, DSL and Educational Visits Leader




Mrs. H. Westwood: Bursar

Mrs. C. Hemming: Office Administrator

Miss. V. Thompson: Office Administrator

Mrs. E. Rowley: Office Administrator

Mrs. L. Hague: Medical Care Assistant




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