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Our Trip to Cadbury World


Today we went to Cadbury World which helped us understand why John Cadbury and his factory were important as part of our History and Geography lessons.  We had the most amazing day and the children were so well behaved.  Over the course of the day we did the following:-


- Saw how chocolate began and walked through a jungle

- Watched videos of chocolate being made

- Watched some adverts from the past to the present

- Wrote our name in chocolate

- Practised tempering chocolate

- Went on a ride and saw lots of cute coco beans

- Ate some liquid chocolate with some yummy toppings

- Had our lunch

- Played in the play area

- Had a talk from Jack about how chocolate starts as a bean and ends in a bar.  Some of the children got to dress up and the children asked Jack some wonderful questions such as 'What is your 5th favourite chocolate?!'

- Went to the 4D cinema and felt like we were on a rollercoaster!


As you can see, we did rather a lot!  The children will no doubt sleep tonight!  I hope you enjoy the photos!



Jubilee Celebrations


Today we have had an amazing day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!  Have a great half term everyone!

Our New Book Corner!

World Book Day

Spring 1


Well what a long half term this has been with a lot of different things happening!  Despite our Covid outbreak, we have done lots of lovely things and have learned a lot! 


Maths - we have been working with numbers to 50 and have just started learning about length and height.  We are finding length and height a little tricky as sometimes we are using the words shorter and taller when it is shorter and longer but we are getting there!


English - we have had great fun learning about cumulative stories where the story either builds up or reduces.  We have listened to a lot of stories such as Mrs Honey's Hat and The Bad Tempered Ladybird and have even written our own versions of these tales.


Science - we have learned about different types of materials and their properties.  We worked out that plastic would be good for an umbrella as it is waterproof and felt would be good to cover a teddy as it is soft and snuggly!


History - we have found out about significant places in our local area.  Some of these places include: Sarehole Mill, Shakespeare's birth place, Cadbury World, JLR and the canals.


JIGSAW - we have been learning about Dreams and Goals and what it means to be successful. We realised that it takes a lot of hard work to be successful and achieve our goals.


In Art and Design and Technology we have made sculptures out of nature and sculptures of places in our local area.  Can you guess what they are? 

Our Sculptures

Our Art work based on Andy Goldsworthy

Yesterday we had a special visitor in our classroom to read us a story!

Our Christmas Performance

Hello Everyone!


Well what a morning we have had!  Can you believe we saw some shepherds, wise men, a star, Mary and Joseph and the real baby Jesus?!  We had a fantastic time on our first every school trip and learned a lot about Christmas and why it is an important time for Christians. The children behaved beautifully and I was very proud of them all.  Thank you to our parent helpers and to everyone at St James' Church for bringing the Christmas story to life!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Foxes!  


We have had a wonderful start to Year 1 and it is lovely to go back to some kind of normality again!  The children have found the adjustment to Year 1 tricky but we ended the half term with lots of smiles which is fantastic!

We have worked very hard this half term on the following:-


  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Place Value with numbers up to 10
  • Writing our own traditional tales
  • Learning about how life was different when our parents and grandparents were children
  • Learning about all kinds of different animals and what group they belong in
  • How to follow instructions using computers
  • Creating pictures using warm and cold colours
  • Creating our own self portraits

As you can see we have had a very busy half term and can't wait for the next one!

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