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Week 4 Beginning 25/01/21

We are looking forward to seeing you on Teams this week!

If you haven't got your login yet, please message us on the year group email

Time away from technology and being active is important for your child.

Try out some the snow activities at the bottom of the page. We'd love to see your photos!



Watch the presentations and complete the activities. You will need the phoneme frame shown from your Home Learning Pack. You can follow the powerpoint or video below. (They are the same, we suggest you use what works best on your device). You can pause them when needed to build the words

For additional phonic activities click on the pictures and follow the links to play the phonic games 


PhonicsPlay have made their website available for free, using the following login

 username: jan21  password: home




ICT Games






rehearse the phonemes covered this term

th, ch, sh, ng, ar, oo(moon), igh, ai, ee


Watch the animations to see how to form the graphemes. Practice writing the graphemes. You could make it more fun by writing them on a larger scale on the back of old wallpaper, with chalks outside, in a tray of dry sand, salt or shaving foam. You can even write or paint in the snow, using a food colouring and water mix, but be very careful as food colouring can stain.




Click here to view more handwriting ideas.







Click on the picture to listen to the focus story for this week,

'QPootle 5' by Nick Butterworth

The activities below are based on the story

Story Time

Click on the book cover to listen to the story




We know that real books are better, but this will give you access to phonic reading books from our reading scheme at the appropriate level. We would like you to spend 10 minutes each day reading. Click on the picture for the login page. Look at your child's Evidence Me for more details. 


Click on the picture and watch the video for that day. 

Complete the matching pdf activity below.

Understanding the World

Play and Learn in the Snow


Make the most of the snow and take the learning outside.

Remember to wrap up warm.

Click here to see photos of what we have doing in the snow.



      Build an alien snowman



                                                                                                                                                                 Play noughts and crosses



Work on your fine motor skills  with snow painting.





Draw a target and number the circles 1, 2, 3. Throw snowballs at the target. Draw a line for each point. Who can reach 10 first? 




Make a marble run with snow in a baking tray.

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