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Early reading experiences

To be ready to start reading, children need to have a variety of skills in place. These early reading skills include matching, rhyming, awareness of phonics and the skills associated with language development such as listening, attention, alliteration and sound discrimination.


How to support at home


  • Share books together in a positive way.

  • Sing songs and nursery rhymes together on repeat!

  • Tell a story together, eg. Once upon a time there was ..... He lived in .... One day he decided to ...

  • Read books with no words and create the story together.

  • Use the environment as a teacher.

  • At the shop, read the labels with your child, skimming the words with your finger so your child can follow the print.

  • Ask comprehension questions.

  • Did they like the story? Why? Why not?



Click on these pictures below to go to the websites where you and your child can explore some fun activities and ebooks together.

Oxford Owl 




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