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Week 9

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This week the theme is based on Julia Donaldson's story 



Click here to listen to the instructions for the activities. 

Maths Activity 'Superworm' 

A phonics task or online phonics game

A short writing task

Read a book.



This week we will be looking at phase 4 consonant blends at the beginning of words.



Click on the links below. Try out any of the activities which focus on these phonemes.




Try one of the IctGames below, the children love playing these games in school.




Write a list of the creatures in the 'Superworm' story. 

Write a list of the things the children saw out of train window.

Write a list of words using the picture prompts (see above)

Write a kind message for someone at home leave it on the fridge or under their pillow.

e.g. You are good fun to play with. 

You make the best dinner.

I like your smile.



Click on the pictures to listen to the story What other stories have you shared this week?



Creative Ideas

Try out some of the fine motor activities below, which support finger strength for writing.



Make a sock worm or sock puppet. Use it as your puppet to tell a story about Superworm.


Cut out a cardboard worm and wind wool around it to decorate it.  

Thread beads or cereals onto string or pipe cleaners.


Have fun outside

Make mud pies, petal soup or even create an outdoor cafe.

Measure out the ingredients, count out the petals. Write recipes and lists of ingredients.

Click here to revisit the outdoor activities from last week.


Fun Challenges











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