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As a school we have now enacted our Governing Body decision that all requests for pupil holidays during term-time will be refused unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Our Governing Body appreciate the problems that families currently face in funding family holidays in these difficult economic times but we are duty bound to try, with the support of our Education Enforecement Team and Solihull MBC, to tackle the issue we are facing at Peterbrook, of the increasing numbers of parents expecting to have holidays in term-time. As always, we are putting the learning needs of our pupils as our first priority. The following are attendance strategies that we follow in supporting pupil school attendance.




  • Print out a weekly report of children falling below 90% attendance
  • Investigate reasons behind falling attendance e.g. illness, holiday during term-time
  • Check attendance history for a pattern of low attendance




  • Check previous week’s print out to monitor deterioration or improvement in attendance
  • Our attendance team discuss and monitor whole school attendance and identify any children who’s attendance may be of concern on a regular basis




  • Send a letter to the parent/s advising them when their child’s attendance has fallen below 90%
  • Medical evidence is requested for illness if a child's absence continues to be of concern
  • If no improvement is observed a meeting is then arranged between the headteacher and parent/s to discuss how attendance can be improved
  • An Attendance Profile form is completed by the headteacher with suggested strategies
  • Possible referral to Child and Family Support Worker for intervention if parents would like additional support
  • A referral is made to the Education Enforcement Team if no improvement is observed once the actions above have been followed.  The Education Enforcement Team may issue a Fixed Penalty Warning Notice, or a Fixed Penalty fine for continued absence


Promoting Regular Attendance

A range of reward activities are in place to support pupil attendance and have fun at the same time!

Sam the Bear
A fortnightly award given to the class with the highest attendance.  The pupils are given Sam the Bear to keep in class for a two week period and are allowed one 15 minute extended playtime referred to as ‘Golden Time’ (see PDF’s)

100% Monthly Attendance Certificate
Pupils with 100% attendance for the whole month are awarded with a special bespoke certificate.

Half-Termly Slips
These are sent to parents after each half-term break to keep them informed of their child’s attendance up until the end of the previous half-term.


100% Attendance Certificate 
Awarded to pupils at the end of the academic year.

Posters are placed around school promoting the importance of regular attendance.  All current pupils will have received a ‘Let's get Ready to Learn’ leaflet.  The booklet has been added to our induction pack for all new starters to school.

School Council Involvement
Children are asked for their suggestions on how they think attendance could be improved – possibly through competitions for designing poster, etc. School Councellors action their suggestions.


Reminders to parents about the importance of regularly attending school and the impact of holidays during term-time are inserted into newsletters periodically.



To bring to their attention the importance of punctuality a letter is sent to the parents of children regularly arriving late.


Late Gate

A ‘late gate’ scheme has been introduced involving our Education Welfare Office, Headteacher and Senior Administrative Assistant meeting children and parents arriving late to school. A discussion is held with late arrivees focusing on the importance of arriving on time and the impact arriving late has on children and their learning. A follow-up punctuality letter is sent to those parents arriving late.

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