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Week 17


There are a lot of ideas below, however there is no expectation for your child to complete all of the activities. Ideally we would suggest  one of each of the short activities below each day. 

Please select what interests them and what you find manageable.


A Maths Activity based on the 'How many Legs?'.

A phonics task or online phonics game.

A short writing task.

Read a book.



Click here to listen to the instructions for the Maths activities. 



Plan a party.

Who would you invite? It could be a party for your toys.

Write a list of things you will need.

Make some invitations.

Where are you going to have your party?

When will it be? What time will it be?

Write a list of party food

We would love to see any photos of your pretend party.


A short writing task linked to the phonic tasks.

Read or share a book.


This week we will be looking at phase 3 phonemes and phase 4 consonant blends at the beginning and end of words.

Try out the games on PhonicsPlay, click on the picture to follow the link to the resources. Try out phase 3 and phase 4 activities.

Have a go at the following games. Try any of the Make a Match games.



How many phonemes can you recognise? Can you beat your score each day?

How many can you write if an adult says them to you?

Can you match the 

Let's Get Creative


'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party' from Alice in Wonderland.



Can you plan your own Mad Hatter's Tea  Party?

Click on the first image to watch a clip from the Disney film.





Make Play Dough Cupcakes




Here are some mindfulness activities. that you can try.  Take a few minutes out of your day to complete some of the brain break breathing strategies, they can be very relaxing.  You could even get your whole family to do them at the same time!

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