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smileySummer Termsmiley


Hi everyone and welcome to the new term - SUMMER! What's happening in 4R this term?


St Briavels Residential Trip  - And it really was incredible yes A slideshow of photos will be uploaded very soon.

I would like to mention some children who have really made me very proud. Jacob and Lilly, I am so proud of your efforts, your bravery, your attitude towards the challenging activities and the care for your friends. 

Assessments in June will see me reporting back to you formally with the results for Reading, GAPS and Maths scores.

PE is outside now, so please continue to be mindful of the kit to wear as it can still be a little cool through May.

Our new English topic is all about persuasive writing, whilst we try to come to terms with money, shape and statistics in Maths.


Homework and Spellings


As always, continue to expect two pieces of maths, one piece of English and one list of spellings on Friday. Guided reading books are often given out on Friday, if not, most definitely on Monday.

Times Table Rockstar programs are still accessible on both Ipads and laptops, so please ask children to practise, as the skill of recalling the multiplication facts and the associated division facts are super important.


New Books In Our Class!cool


Come on - DIVE into a book in our book corner and at home whether it be under the covers, in a corner, in a chair, on the sofa or even under the bed if the story is that scary. Our class have brand new books to suit all kinds of readers. We have purchased the entire Tin Tin collection, a series by David Walliams, a new set of the Roald Dahl books, a massive collection of non-fiction topics, Choose Your Own Adventure series, ( I read these in year 5, all those years ago and they are still fantastic), Sherlock Holmes adventure series and much MORE! Our new book corner is magical, mesmerising and waiting to be used by all of your children, so get into worlds of magic, mayhem, discovery and danger. 




Our New Set of Books

cheekySpring Into Actioncheeky

With spring term well on its way, I wanted to make you aware of a few key events that are taking place.


14th March - Assessment week. During this week, the children will take a PUMA, PIRA, GAPS and a spelling test. These results will be discussed during parents evening during the week starting the 28th of March.


28th March and 31st March - Parents Evening. I am looking forward to engaging with you to discuss your child's progress. The invites for all parents have been sent and you have either been place on the Monday or on the Thursday. Time is restricted to 10 minutes per parent, however if there are more details surround your child's progress that you need, I am certain I will be able to talk after school on most days. Thank you for your patience.


Cricket - Chance to Shine Cricket run by Warwickshire Cricket are now running the Friday PE lesson along side myself for the next 6 weeks. Usually, this program will culminate in a tournament at Moseley Cricket Club with other schools. This event is yet to be announced. A squad of 15 children will be chosen to represent our school in good time, if the event is going ahead. 


Fundraising - There will be a Mother's Day sale in the classroom on Friday 25th March. Children can also buy items after school in the playground. 


World Book Week and Day - During world book week, the children will be engaged in 5 different and very exciting activities. One of them is to record your child reading out loud using expression, alternating tone, volume and speed for effect. We would all love to give your child a chance to be famous here in the class and put them up on our interactive board and have them read to the class. Go on, be brave!

enlightenedTIMES TABLE ROCKSTARSenlightened

Well done to the entire class for beating their own rock star scores over again and again. At the beginning of the year there was only one child in the class who was getting 25/25.sad


We now have 14 children getting them all correct on a regular basis.smiley There are an addition 10 children scoring 20 and over.


I am very proud of all of the children and the effort shown throughout the autumn term and now in the spring term too! KEEP IT GOING GUYS! - Mr Rowe yes

heartSpecial Mentionsheart


Some special mentions for this term must be made. I am particularly happy with the amount of children who are completing their homework. 


The spelling scores each week have been amazing - Keep it up!yes The presentation of work and the quality of handwriting across the class has improved and there are a number of children who have just received their pen to write with - Well done to Millie, Scarlet and Maisie.angel


Stars of the week - Sophie, Maisie, Neila, Toby.


Writers of the week - Kara, Neila, Noah and Avleen.


Mathematicians of the week -Benny, Scarlett, Neila. 


Well done to Taijah who is a fantastic reader. We love hearing you read to us.

St Briavels Itinerary - Please check out what your child will be doing and when.

Woodpeckers Christmas Song (4R)

Welcome to 4R


Happy new 'academic' year to everyone! Curriculum content and information including homework, P.E, upcoming events and trips can be found on this web page. We have your children's best interests and safety in mind and we understand that the start of this year can be challenging for everyone, so communication is very important to us now more than ever. Remember to check back in with this page from time to time and especially after each half term, when the content of the curriculum changes. 

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mr Rowe



This term will see the children start learning a brass instrument, however instruments may not go home until the turn of the new year. Mr Jones and Mr Sharp from the Solihull music service will be conducting music lessons on Monday afternoons.


Reading at home


It really is important that your child has access to a book that they enjoy reading. During guided reading I will write a small note asking your child to perform a particular task, practise a particular skill or converse with an adult about a certain skill they have been learning. Having the opportunity to talk about a text and practise finding information and using evidence in the text to support their answers is something which will go a long way in developing your child's comprehension skills. It is not just be about reading to an adult at all times. If you need more guidance with this, please come and see me, I am happy to help.


Times Table Practise


By the end of this academic year, Y4 children are expected to know all of the times tables. Some children do say that they know them because they can recite them in order. The children need to know the multiplication facts and the associated division facts. Please practise these as often as you can. Lack of knowledge about the multiplication and division facts does slow progress when it comes to applying these in other areas such as fractions when finding quarters as an example. Please practise! We are now giving the children an online practise and test each Friday. They will be formally tested on all of the times tables at the end of each term. The children have to answer 25 questions and only have 6 seconds each question - NOT EASY!





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