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Preparing Your Child For Starting School



We would urge you to participate as much as possible in the planned induction activities. These events are designed to support your child and will help them to adjust to their new environment and become familiar with the staff.


Plan a day to practise your morning routine for school.

This will help you to allow enough time on your first day but also give your child time to practise things like getting dressed into their school clothes.

Will you have breakfast and then get dressed (so there are no spills on their clothes?)

How will you get to school? Will you walk, go in the car or on the bus?

Perhaps your child will be in childcare so they will be dropped off by the breakfast club or childminder?

Can you arrange to travel to school and walk past the school building to talk to your child about the school?


Below are some ideas for supporting the transition to school.  We look forward to seeing you and your child over the coming weeks and we look forward to working with you and your child in September.


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