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Year 1 Dine in Day

Year 1 Dine in Day


Parent Council were delighted that Year One parents and carers finally got to enjoy a Dine In Day event with their children recently. This event is normally run for the Reception classes but we were pleased to be able to extend it to Year One this year as they sadly missed out last year due to Covid restrictions.


The children were so excited to show their grown ups what to do in the dinner hall and there was lots of excited chatter over lunch.


After lunch everyone got the chance to enjoy some playground fun. The grown ups were all worn out after lots of games of hide and seek, hop scotch, chalk drawing, and running races!


Thank you to everyone who attended and to all the children for being such fabulous hosts! We’re also grateful to the kitchen staff and lunchtime assistants who were so friendly and welcoming.


We’re hoping to run the same event for the current Reception class later in the term.


Here are a few of the lovely comments we received from those who came along:


“I had such a good time, albeit I am now exhausted! From the moment I arrived everyone was so welcoming and could not have been more helpful.  Everything was so well organised and the food was superb, and the ladies in the canteen were marvellous with the children and us adults.”


“The supervising staff were all wonderful, they ushered the children and parents through and made sure we all knew what we were doing. The staff knew all the children by name, even the serving staff who had conversations with the children as they passed through, which I thought was lovely.”


“Outside in the playground was great, the children played so nicely amongst themselves, the play equipment is a super touch to practise skills. The chalks offered lots of imaginative play.”

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