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Wednesday 6th



L/O: L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: To complete pre-assessment on multiplication & Division

Children to complete pre-assessment on multiplication and division.

L/O: L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: Multiplying a 4-digit number by a 1-digit number

Children build on previous steps to represent a four-digit number multiplied by a one-digit number with concrete manipulatives. Teachers should be aware of misconceptions arising from 0 in the hundreds, tens or ones column. Children then move on to explore multiplication with exchange in first one column and then more than one column. Complete worksheets.

Work through the multiplying 4 digits by 1 digit numbers PowerPoint provided. Complete the varied fluency and reasoning and problem-solving worksheets.


(D = Developing/slightly easier)    (E = Expected/middle ability)   (GD = Greater Depth/Higher level of difficulty)

Multiplying 4 digit by 1 digit

Wednesday maths



Success Criteria: I can identify the audience for and purpose of the writing.

The new topic of work this half term is poetry. Have a think and discussion about what you know about poetry. Have a go at writing your own poem. This can be in any format and be about any topic of your choice.

Success Criteria: I can read and discuss poetry.

Read the Magic Box by Kit Wright. Can the words or phrases be sorted into groups or ideas? Which phrases are possible and which seem impossible? Magpie any good words or phrases you like. Write a sentence to say what was effective about the language and phrases you have chosen.

Use highlighters and your pencil or pen to make notes about the phrases that you think are possible or impossible.

English Wednesday 6th January

The Magic Box by Kit Wright



Free choice reading of a good book for 20 minutes



Refresh the numbers 1 to 100 in French. Practise these verbally and written. A good website to use is which will support the learning of basic French, including numbers. Move on to learning directions and places in the town. Continue with this work, working on names of places in a town too.



Have a discussion about your thoughts and feelings about the new national lockdown with a family member.

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