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Wednesday 3rd


L/O: Fractions S/C: Subtracting 2 Mixed Numbers

Children use different strategies to subtract two mixed numbers. Building on learning in previous steps, they look at partitioning the mixed numbers into wholes and parts and build on their understanding of flexible partitioning to subtract two mixed numbers when an exchange is involved.

Model both the methods of subtracting mixed numbers on the board again for the children, with children completing a couple of examples with their chosen methods in their books. They should know that they need to use flexible partitioning when it is necessary. Use the method of converting to improper fractions too as this will be of good support to the children.

Go through the PowerPoint on subtracting mixed numbers with the class.

Answer the worksheets provided.

Subtracting 2 mixed numbers


Success Criteria: I can draft and edit my play script.

Edit the first section of your play script using purple pen based on ARMS marking.

Continue to draft your play script referring back to your planning and your non-negotiables.


After you have done your drafting and editing, read the rest of chapter 4.

English Wednesday 3rd March

Guided Reading

Go to the World Book Day 2021 page on the Peterbrook website:

Follow today’s activities, which focus on creating your own magical world with J.K Rowling J



We would like you to be creative on Microsoft PowerPoint today (if you are able to). We would like you to try to become more confident with adding animations and visualisations to a presentation. Have a play around with it today and see what you can do. What new things can you learn and add into a slide? Can you add any sounds, pictures or special effects?

Create just one slide and have a play around adding lots of new, fun and exciting things to it J Send it back to us so we can have a look too J It can be about anything you like.


Success Criteria: I know some of the risks with misusing alcohol including anti-social behaviour, and how it affects the liver and heart.

Task 1: Use the alcohol grid provided to write down what you already know about alcohol.
Task 2:  Read the following story:


Gregg and Lottie are both 16. They have recently started going out with each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Gregg is very popular at school. He is the captain of several of the school’s sports teams, and he is very good at basketball. He has a try-out for the national basketball team in a month, and is very excited about the possibility of representing his country at the next Olympics. Lottie isn’t as popular and doesn’t have as many friends as Gregg, but Gregg likes her. Some of the other girls in school have started to be unkind to Lottie because they don’t understand why Gregg has chosen to go out with her. Lottie has had a few rude text messages about it from another girl called Jax. Gregg knows about it and has told Lottie to ignore it. Jax used to go out with Gregg. One day Gregg’s best friend, Davy, says he is having a party. Davy’s parents will be away and he asks Gregg to bring some alcohol. Davy says that everyone is bringing something, so Gregg has to as well. On the evening of the party, Gregg takes some beers from the fridge before he leaves hoping that his Dad won’t notice. He picks up Lottie and they walk to Davy’s house. By the time they get to the party a few of the other teenagers are already drunk. Gregg opens a can of beer and joins in, everyone else is drinking, so why shouldn’t he? Lottie says she wants to have soft-drinks, and chooses not to have any alcohol. The party is good, and there is lots of chatting and dancing to the latest music. Lottie and Gregg have a good time, and because he isn’t taking too much notice about the amount he is drinking, Gregg finishes all the beers he brought. He feels a little dizzy and doesn’t feel in control any more. Jax arrives at the party with her new boyfriend. They have been drinking alcohol on the way to the party, and are drunk. Jax storms up to Lottie and pushes her backwards into someone else starting an argument. Gregg defends Lottie, and Jax’s boyfriend argues back. A fight starts between the two boys. Lottie tries to pull Gregg away, but the boys won’t stop. They are both getting hurt and Davy’s house is getting damaged. Lottie calls the police because it is an emergency. She is the only person who is sober enough at the party to see that the situation is dangerous. The police arrive and stop the fight. Both boys are arrested for being drunk, causing the fight, and behaving anti-socially. They are taken to the police station. Lottie has to walk home on her own. Both boys have to appear in court and Davy’s parents want them to pay for all the damage caused to their house. In court, both boys are found guilty and are given fines to pay and a criminal record. Lottie has to break up with Gregg because her parents have said she is not allowed out with a boy like him. Gregg loses his chance to try-out for the national basketball team because of his behaviour and criminal record.



Add any new facts or pieces of information you have found out in a different colour to your grid.
Questions to answer in your book:
1) Think about the children in the story and compare their experiences with alcohol.
2) What are the similarities and differences?
3) What else did the children notice?
4) What do you think anti-social behaviour is?

Task 3: Reflection. Write one question to ask yourself in the future when you are considering drinking alcohol for the first time.

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