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Wednesday 27th



L/O: Fractions S/C: Finding equivalent fractions

Refresh work from the last couple of lessons. Model some examples of questions of finding equivalent fractions by multiplying and simplifying (dividing)

Go through the PowerPoint on equivalent fractions, modelling examples of the questions on the IWB. Give children similar questions to those on the board to do in their books.

Children to then complete independent worksheets if understanding has taken place.

Maths Wednesday 27th January



Success Criteria: I can draft my letter.

Edit paragraphs 1 and 2.  Make sure to read this out loud so that you can spot and make any changes that may need to be made.

Draft paragraphs 3 and 4.

Paragraphs 3 & 4

Guided Reading


Complete the comprehension questions that you started yesterday.



Voyager: Practise the different methods of travel from the list on the right hand side of the sheet. Fill in the gaps of the worksheet with the correct option. Practise saying the different words and sentences with someone at home. Can you create new sentences of your own to different places with different types of travel?



Success Criteria: To appreciate the opportunities that learning and education give.

Again, look into and research a job or career that interests you. We would like you to produce a PowerPoint presentation or a poster all about your job. You should include: job title, job description and main duties, qualifications needed, salary (how much you will get paid) and 3 important steps that are needed to achieve your dream job. These are things that you have to do in order to be successful in that job. Please send us your final piece of work J We can’t wait to see what you want to be!

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