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Wednesday 24th


L/O: Fractions S/C: Adding Mixed Numbers

Children refresh work on to adding two fractions where one or both are mixed numbers or an improper fraction. They will use a method of adding the wholes and then adding the parts. Children will record their answer in its simplest form. Children can still draw models to represent adding fractions.

Model both the methods on the board again for the children, with children completing a couple of examples with their chosen methods in their books.

Go through the PowerPoint on adding mixed numbers with the class. Children to answer questions in partners/small groups and share findings with the class. The children should be encouraged to use their reasoning skills to explain their answers thoroughly.

Children to complete worksheets when they are confident with the skills learnt.

Adding fractions :)


Success Criteria: I can identify and discuss themes and conventions in and across a wide range of writing.

Starter: relative pronouns / clauses. Look at the sentences below. Extend them by adding a relative clause.

  • Lucy looked into the wardrobe.
  • Looking into the inside, she saw several coats hanging up – mostly long fur coats.
  • Something cold and soft was falling on her.

Play script analysis

Read the play script extract provided. Discuss the features of a play script and what you have read. Create a colour coded key and annotate the play script with the features. Use the poster provided to recap some of the features of a play script.

English Wednesday 24th February

Guided Reading

Complete a crossword task based from ‘Raider’s Peril’ below:


Success Criteria: To produce good quality research.

We would like you research and make notes on a subject area of your choice. Make sure you choose something that interests you J These notes can be written or typed. You should make at least 10 bullet point notes on your subject area.


Success Criteria: I know the health risks of smoking and can tell you how tobacco affects the lungs, liver and heart.

Key vocabulary: Choices, healthy behaviour, unhealthy behaviour, informed decision, pressure.

Task 1: Complete the smoking quiz. Were you surprised by any of the answers?

Task 2: List the ways you think smoking can affect the body.

Task 3: Look at the Tobacco Industry’s posters. Do you think it is a good advert for smoking? If smokers saw this, would it make them give up smoking? Focus on each part of the body, would you add any others, or mention other vital organs like the liver?

Task 4: Choose one area of the body to do some research about the impact of smoking. Present your findings by making up a song, tell a story, draw a cartoon, or write a short presentation using PowerPoint.

Task 5/plenary: Write a sentence about what you feel about smoking, now that you have seen the facts.

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