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Wednesday 10th



L/O: Fractions S/C: Add 3 or more fractions

Whole Class input: Children use their knowledge of adding fractions that are multiples of one another to add more than 2 fractions. They will use an area model and bar models to continue to explore how to add fractions where the denominators are multiples of one another.

Model the bar model again on the board so children can see the way that the fractions can be split to make the denominators the same. Make sure to model the working out methods again alongside the bar model too. Convert all the denominators to the largest one to find the common denominator.  What do you have to multiply by? Make sure to do one fraction at a time and to show all working. Complete the worksheets provided when understanding is secure.

Adding 3 fractions



Success Criteria: I can draft my emotive poem.

Edit your first verse(s) from yesterday. Draft your next two verses, again ensure you are including a range of the non-negotiables.

Verses 3 & 4

Guided Reading


Complete the reading part of the comprehension task and start to answer the questions. It may take longer to complete than just these two days so please take more time if you need it J As long as the reading chapters and the comprehension are completed by next week, then that is absolutely fine.



Practise the previous work completed on directions and numbers.

Move on to the worksheet today, which is ‘Ou sont-ils?’ which translates as ‘Where are they?’ – Practise the list of rooms in the house and then complete the sheet. (une chambre = the bedroom, la cuisine = the kitchen, la sale a manger = the dining room, le salon = the lounge, la salle de bains = the bathroom, dans = in)



Success Criteria: I understand that communicating with someone in a different culture means we can learn from each other.

Think about chocolate, do you know where it comes from? What other things do we get from other countries, e.g. fruit, clothes etc? What ways might we share in other countries? How are our lives influenced by other cultures?

From this you should see that we share a lot of things with other countries and there are many influences in our day to day lives.

What do you think we could offer to other countries, e.g. music, food specific to the UK, aid, medical supplies?

Watch these clips, showing how we can support people who might be suffering in some way:

Today you are going to be challenged to devise a sponsorship event that could take place at a school fete e.g. a dance extravaganza, a run around the playground, a bake-off etc.

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