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Tuesday 9th



L/O: Fractions S/C: Adding Fractions within 1

Children add fractions with different denominators again. The denominators are multiples of one another. It is important that children see this represented visually so they can make connections with the abstract. They will use the skills that they learned when finding equivalent fractions over the past couple of weeks.

Show how to change the ¼ into 2/8 on the chart. Children to copy this method so they understand the abstract pictorial methods.


From looking at the examples on the weekly plan, explain how these can be calculated quicker by finding converting one denominator to make it the same as the other. Model this on the board for children to copy. (How do you get from 6 to 12? (x2) so you multiply 1 by 2 and you will get 2/12) This will then lead to 2/12 + 5/12 = 7/12. Do other questions for children to answer on the board.


Complete reasoning and problem solving questions

Fractions problem solving



 Success Criteria: I can draft my emotive poem.

Draft verses 1 or 1 and 2. Ensure you refer back to the non-negotiables and follow the structures of one of the poems you have studied this half term.

Drafting paragraphs 1 & 2

Guided Reading


Complete the reading part of the comprehension task and start to answer the questions. It may take longer to complete than just these two days so please take more time if you need it J As long as the reading chapters and the comprehension are completed by next week, then that is absolutely fine.



You have now finished your Viking shield. Complete the questions below to evaluate your shield.

Did you stick to your plan? Did you make any changes to your design or plan?
Were you happy with the techniques you used? E.g. Paper Mache/ cardboard cut outs.
Did you find anything tricky when creating your shield?
If you were to do this project again, what would you keep the same? What would you do differently?

Physical Education


Log in to Jasmine realPE (Username: YearFive1234 Password: different1787)

Select KS2 and then click on the Dynamic Balance icon. Work through the pink skills from the video and then have a go at the challenges underneath the video as well J

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