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Tuesday 2nd



L/O: Fractions S/C: Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Whole Class input: 

Children now convert from mixed numbers to improper fractions using concrete and pictorial methods to understand the abstract method. Ensure children always write their working alongside the concrete and pictorial representations so they can see the clear links.

Refresh work from last lesson, with more modelling on the board, ensuring that the children really understand how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction through the work of multiplication of the whole number by the denominator and then adding the numerator. Ensure the denominator always stays the same.

At this point, it would be good to refresh method of going from an improper fraction to a mixed number through dividing the numerator by the denominator. (How many groups?) Model examples on the board for this.

Go through example questions from the PowerPoint and then attempt the worksheets below:

Fractions skills round up



Success Criteria: I can consider and evaluate different viewpoints

  1. Recap research work from yesterday and if required, spend some more time investigating turkey farming and add to your for/against tables.
  2. Discuss the viewpoint of the poet – is he for or against eating turkey for Christmas dinner? What are his main arguments?

Use all information gathered and discussed to prepare and hold a class debate -  one side being pro turkey farming and the other side against turkey farming.

Turkey farming debate with Matt

Guided Reading


Complete the reading part of the comprehension task and start to answer the questions. It may take longer to complete than just these two days so please take more time if you need it J As long as the reading chapters and the comprehension are completed by next week, then that is absolutely fine.

Physical Education (PE)


Log in to Jasmine realPE (Username: YearFive1234 Password: different1787)

Select KS2 and then click on the Counter Balance icon. Work through the blue skills from the video and then have a go at the challenges underneath the video as well J



Last week you constructed your Viking shields.

This week decorate your shields, if you have paints this will work best. If not use the resources available to you. Take a photo of your shield, or you with your shield to show Mr. Hughes and Miss. Stock. We cannot wait to see your master pieces!

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