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Tuesday 19th



L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: To divide 4 digits by 1 digit with remainders

Children continue to use place value counters to group their number and develop their understanding of the short division method. They start to focus on remainders and build on their learning from Year 4 to understand remainders in a context. They do not represent remainders as a fraction at this point.

Refresh the work from the previous lesson about dividing numbers by up to 4 digits. Model examples on the board. Start with 2 digit numbers, working up to 3 and then 4 digit numbers.

Maths Tuesday 19th January



Success Criteria: I can participate in debates.

Discuss: Have you ever been to a zoo? What did you think? Explore your experiences with someone at home. Have a look at a few zoo websites, discuss what viewpoints are being conveyed. How do the website convey the work of the zoos or sanctuaries?

Are the websites one-sided? What elements have they left out / put in? Are you confident about the welfare of the animals within the zoos / safari parks?

Create a persuasive argument that could be used for a debate. You may wish to have a debate with a person at home if this is possible to do so.

Debating about Zoos

Guided Reading


Complete the reading activity and start the comprehension questions. There are 3 different levels for the comprehension; easier, tricky and genius. Please choose which level you think is best to challenge yourself and complete that task :)

Art & Design


Viking Shield: To plan to make a Viking Shield.

How would you make a Viking shield at home? Can it be done? Create a diagram of a Viking shield (you may have to look at your research from last week or do a little bit more) and label all the different parts. Whilst you label each part, can you think of suitable materials to make the shield out of? Can you write a list of all of the things you would need that you could get at home to make your Viking shield?

Physical Education (PE)


Log in to Jasmine realPE (Username: YearFive1234 Password: different1787)

Select KS2 and then select Counter balance picture. Go through the red activities, watch the video and complete the skills shown. Attempt the combine and contrast activities with someone at home if you are able to. There are icons just above the video to support you with the exercises and activities.

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