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Thursday 7th



L/O: L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: Multiplying 2 digits – Area Model

Children use base ten (or draw base 10 – Dienes equipment) to represent the area model of multiplication. The base ten will enable children to see the size and scale linked to multiplying. Children will then move on to representing this more abstractly with place value counters and just numbers. Draw grids in books to solidify understanding of multiplying 2-digit numbers.

Work through the multiplying 2 digits area model PowerPoint provided. Complete the varied fluency and reasoning and problem-solving worksheets.


(D = Developing/slightly easier)    (E = Expected/middle ability)   (GD = Greater Depth/Higher level of difficulty)

Area model for multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers



Success Criteria: I can use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information.

Reread the poem from yesterday.

Create a list of verbs, adjectives and nouns, these do not have to be from the poem but you can magpie a few. Select a noun, verb and two adjectives at random to create expanded noun phrases. Then organise the expanded noun phrases into possible and impossible categories.

English 7th January



Free choice reading of a good book for 20 minutes



Life Cycles: What do you already know about life cycles? Why are they important? Complete a spider diagram of everything you know.

Fill in the points to ponder sheet, use books and discussion to further research the questions.

Science - Life Cycles

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