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Thursday 21st



L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: To solve multiplication and Division word problems

Refresh work done over the last couple of weeks on both multiplication and division. Model example questions on the board for all children to show their understanding. LA to work with TA support to remember all the methods that have been learnt straight away and not to worry about the work on the board. Children to answer questions in their books. These should be 2/3/4 digit numbers multiplied by 2 digits and numbers up to 4 digits divided by a one-digit number, including remainders.

Children will complete independent work. If they complete the independent work, they can create their own word problems to solve.

Maths Thursday 21st January



Success Criteria: I can select the appropriate form and use other similar writing as a model.

Research another endangered animal, make notes in your book ready for a later task.

Consider how the presentation of poetry can impact on the meaning. Watch this video to support your discussion:


Today research where whaling happens in the world. This is in preparation for our letter writing next week. Do you think whaling should be allowed to continue or be banned? Make notes on important facts to support your view point.

Research into Whaling

Guided Reading


Complete the post reading task from the PowerPoint below:



Life Cycles: To go on a life cycle hunt (if possible)

Aim: to observe life cycles in the local environment

Take children outside and look for evidence of different stages in plant and animal life cycles: flowers, seeds, seed dispersal, germination, eggs including insect eggs and frog spawn, caterpillars, chrysalises, tadpoles, young animals etc.  Children should take photographs and make notes.  They could collate the evidence on a map of the area in order to look at preferences, marking on the map the sunny spots, places where large structures provide shade or shelter, where there are trees etc. 

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