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Summer Programme of Study


Weather and Climate:

In this Geography unit, pupils will be able to identify weather patterns and to use their knowledge and understanding to explain them. They will use appropriate geographical vocabulary to describe and interpret information about weather patterns; use world maps in a variety of scales, using symbols and keys.



This unit on legend focuses on an adaptation of the Norse legend Beowulf. As well as offering an insight into Anglo-Saxon times, the legend explores typical themes of the text type such as quests, courage and revenge.


White Dolphin:

This modern fiction unit introduces pupils to a range of issues faced by individuals and communities. The focus novel White Dolphin is an action packed adventure story set around the coast of Cornwall. It supports mature readers to engage with multiple themes to stretch and challenge them and develops their skills of reasoning and summarising as well as empathy. The book also raises pupils' awareness of eco-issues of wildlife conservation.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be taught both discretely and indiscreetly throughout these units.


Refer to the new route through calculation document, the following topics will also be part of our summer term focus: addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions; measurement; position and direction; properties of shape and statistics.


Decay and recycling

Pupils will describe the process of decay and its usefulness; identify materials that will decay and through investigation, estimate the time needed for some common materials from litter to decay

Pupils will know that some materials can be recycled into useful new materials.


Mixtures and reactions

Pupils will look at the solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets of different materials. They will use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating.


Relationships and Changing Me from our Jigsaw scheme are our units of study this term.


We will be answering the question, “Why is remembering so important?” and looking at how two different religions work for injustice and equality.


Static balances and floor movement patterns; developing agility through ball chasing co-ordination with equipment.

Pupils will also be taking part in a local cricket festival, and will benefit from coaching by an outside agency.

Bollywood dance session with a professional dance group.


Frame and Fortune: Creating an animation for a specific audience.


This term’s focus is printing and textiles. Pupils will look at traditional Indian patterns and create their own print, as well as creating a batik composition, developing their experience in stitching and applique. In Creative Arts week, pupils will broaden their understanding of Indian Art techniques and patterns.


Music and dance inspired by India, including a session with a Bollywood dance group during creative art’s week.


Le temps: Describing the weather, items of clothing, names of the seasons, points of the compass. Sports et loisirs: Sports and leisure activities, expressing likes and dislikes, regular and irregular verbs, combining topics.

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