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Spring Term Year 3




Poetry (Spring 1) –

This poetry unit introduces pupils to a range of different poetry forms, both modern and traditional. The particular forms have been selected to provide pupils with opportunities to explore the focus grammar elements in meaningful and enjoyable contexts. Following reading, modelling and demonstrating, pupils have opportunities to write their own compositions for reading and performance. By the end of the unit pupils will be able to easily recognise and name different poetry forms.


Writing for Real – Fur and Feathers (Spring 2) –

The unit introduces pupils to some ‘mantle of the expert’ ways of working where they are set a challenge that requires a collaborative problem solving approach. Every few days a new challenge is set that allows pupils to respond in different ways, to exercise choice and to read, write and communicate in purposeful ways. The pupils work towards a solution for the ‘client’ who sets the challenge. Throughout the unit, pupils work as researchers, presenters and publishers.


Refer to the route through calculation policy.

Topics covered in the Spring Term are:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Money
  • Statistics
  • Length and Perimeter
  • Fractions


Forces and Magnets–

Pupils explore magnetism and non-contact forces, suspending magnetic items in mid-air under the influence of magnetic forces.  They test materials for magnetic properties and think about what materials are magnetic.  They describe the properties of a magnet in simple terms and learn about the uses of magnets.


Animals and Skeletons–

Pupils revisit the classification of animals according to diet as carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, researching the diets of animals in more detail. They look at human dietary requirements and begin to identify different food types and their different uses in the body.  Dissecting an owl pellet provides a link between learning about diets and the study of skeletons. Pupils learn about external and internal skeletons and muscles.


Dreams and Goals –

  • Dreams
  • Challenges we might face
  • Celebrating our goals


Healthy Me –

  • Exercise
  • Drugs
  • How to stay safe
  • Eating healthy


Pupils take part in activities to help them answer the following question:

  • Why do Christians call Jesus the saviour? (Easter story).


During PE, children will learn to develop their co-ordination, balance and accuracy through a number of different lessons.


Swimming – Pupils will work towards the national curriculum standard at an external swimming baths.


Pupils will learn how to research and collect information, as well as identify a reliable source.

Creative curriculum

Art and D&T:

  • Monoprinting
  • Designing and evaluating a bag with a magnetic clasp
  • Design, create and evaluate a bug hotel
  • Tinting and shading



In music we follow the Charanga scheme called ‘Three Little Birds’.


Children complete activities based on Classroom equipment and animals.

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