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School Closure - Home Learning

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over Easter.  Below are some activities you can do each week - just do your best!  We will leave it to your judgement to decide how much or little to do.  These are worrying times for both adults and children.  As I said at the beginning, we are doing about an hour a day at the moment as my children are finding things difficult and I have to appreciate that it is their home and not school!  Whatever you do will be good enough!


Scroll down to the bottom for other activities you can do with your child if they want to do more than what is on the weekly task page! The First News activities are really good!



I am very excited as I am now the proud Auntie to Niamh. Here is a pictures to make you smile.  It is lovely to have a bit of joy through these strange times!  Miss you all so much Year 3! Love Mrs Edwards x
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This is something that might be useful when talking to your children about what is going on!

Summer Term Activities


Ongoing activities: Reading and Times tables Rock stars, classroom secrets games (see letter) and don't forget to listen to Mrs Edwards reading stories which can be found further down!   


If you are looking for more things to do, BBC Bitesize are also doing daily lessons




Message from Mrs Edwards


Hello to all Parents, Carers and Children,


I am missing you all as I know that Miss Belcher and Mrs Burn will be too.  You probably heard that I had a cough and had to self isolate so that is why I wasn't there on the last Friday to say goodbye properly.  It is a very weird time isn't it?! I hope you are all keeping well and are remembering that all of this will pass and will get back to normal eventually.  In the meantime I am clearing out my house and doing some work with my children.  Who knew that Year 6 maths was so tricky! 


I have purposely not used the term 'home schooling' and that is why I am writing this message to you today.  I have seen Facebook post after Facebook post of all of these timetables and trying to recreate the school day.  I am here to tell you that this is not necessary unless you want to do it.  This is what Dr Ranj Says:


Two hours of learning is quite significant.  So don't worry about sticking to a proper 9-3 routine.  Keep the activities varied from educational tasks to creative ones.  Take breaks in between.  Set boundaries like there would be at school.  However, keep in mind that they are used to their home being a place of relaxation.


I found this very reassuring.  Their home is not school and never will be.  It is their safe place (more so than ever now!) and a place which they see as comfort.  It is important not to turn it into a school.  You aren't being asked to home school, you are being asked to do some work with your child when you can.  


We have got ourselves into a nice little routine in the Edwards' house but nothing is written down.  If it is, it's easy to feel like we have failed.  We get up and get dressed (or sometimes we have a pj day!) , I do an hour of learning with Heather and then an hour of learning with Freya.  We then listen to David Walliam's audio story which he is releasing every day, we go for a walk (keeping 2m apart from all others of course!) then have some lunch.  In the afternoon, I am busy working or tidying and the girls do what they want.  Then late afternoon we do some crafts and play a board game.  We have also just got Disney+ so we sit down and watch something too!  That is what I do and I am a teacher.  I thought this might make you feel better knowing what I am doing.  Maybe we will start doing Joe Wick's PE each day as we seem to be the only family not doing it or maybe we won't.  My message is clear:  What ever you decide is right for your children is the right decision and is enough!


We have enough to worry about and be anxious about without worrying about school work.  And don't forget, the children will also feel uncertain and anxious as they have also had their world turned upside down.  Look after each other's mental health. are allowing full access to their site for free.  If you search for 'mental health' there are loads of activities and sheets to help with their mental health and thinking positively!  Remember it is not all about maths and English!


That said,  the team will continually put maths and English activities on the class page.  There is no expectation for you to do it all.  Just pick and choose what you would like to do.  It is good to do a bit of learning every day and I feel that the children do benefit from this as it does keep them occupied for a bit.  If you are unsure about anything or need some reassurance, you can always email the office who can pass them on to us.


Stay safe and hope to see you all soon,


Mrs Edwards




Before the Easter Holidays

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