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Here is a description of a messy bedroom. Underline all the prepositional phrases in the text. There are ten altogether – can you spot them all?


Ethan’s bedroom was a terrible mess! It looked like a tornado had passed across his room and turned everything upside-down! Across the floor, toys were scattered and Daniel’s favourite superhero toy had been thrown under the bed. A pile of old magazines were precariously stacked behind the bedroom door, waiting to be knocked over. By his bed, a small table stood, covered in empty sweet wrappers and an old drink carton. Feeling horrified, Daniel’s mum hadn’t entered the room for several days due to the mess. Behind the wardrobe doors, piles of unfolded and dirty clothes lay screwed up waiting to be sorted. ‘I want this bedroom cleaned by tomorrow,’ demanded his mum. Daniel walked into his room and lay on his bed.

‘I’ll do it first thing in the morning,’ he thought to himself as he shoved another dirty sock beneath his pillow.


Prepositions = in, on, behind, across, along           

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