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Looking for the Positives


PSHE may not seem as important as English and Maths but some might argue (myself included!) that it is the most important subject right now! This last few months have been such a strange and unique time.  Some parts have been quite sad like not seeing family and friends but there have also been some really brilliant times as well.  I would like you to really think about the following questions and complete the sheet.  Have a discussion with your family about the sheets and complete them together with everyone's ideas on if you would like! Don't worry if you can't fill in all of the spaces! Here are the questions on the sheets with some examples of how I would fill it in for myself: - 


Question 1: What skills have I learned during lockdown?


I have learned how to work out ratios when teaching Heather!

I have learned how to set up YouTube so I can read stories to you all.


Question 2: What new talents have I discovered?


I made a cake for Freya's birthday all by myself!  It was a rainbow cake inside and out.

I have run more and more since lockdown and my pace is getting quicker and quicker


Question 3: What special qualities have I discovered?


I have been able to juggle a lot of things like teaching my children, doing my own school work.

I have discovered acceptance and being able to accept the way things are.


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