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Gratitude means to be thankful.  Being thankful is really important and can make you feel very positive about your life.  Our brains automatically look for what is wrong and what danger might be out there - it goes back to the caveman days believe it or not!  Constantly thinking about negative things are bad things can make us feel really sad so we have to train our brain to look for the good stuff!  I practise gratitude every day, I write down three things that I am grateful for each day and set myself a challenge that I can't use the same things every day!  I do this before I go to sleep and it calms my brain down!  It is a very powerful thing to do!


During lockdown, we have had a lot of things taken away from us.  I know this has been very hard but it can also be a good thing too.  I bet you are all feeling grateful for school now aren't you!  Sometimes I bet you get fed up of going to school.  I wonder whether you will appreciate it more when you go back!  Are there other things that you used to be fed up of but are now grateful for?


Here are some of the things I have been grateful for since being in lockdown:-

1. The good weather

2. Technology so I can communicate with my family and friends

3. Online deliveries

4. All the beautiful nature around us and all the green!  I have found places to walk that I never knew existed

5. Spending time crafting with my family

6. Having the time to do jobs in the house that have needed doing for ages


There are loads more!  Below is a sheet where you can write down things that you are grateful for!  Maybe you could do it every night!



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