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PE 2016-2017

In March 2013 the government announced a major new funding initiative to support the delivery of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding is provided by the Department for Education, with contributions from the Department of Health and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The premium will provide over £150 million per year for the academic years 2013-14 and 2015-16. The premium is paid directly to primary schools and is ring-fenced to spend on improving the quality of PE and sport provision for all pupils. In 2013-14, all primary schools in England with 17 or more primary-aged pupils received a lump sum of at least £8,000.


Now into our fourth Year of funding, Peterbrook Primary School has decided to spend its money with the intention of furthering the involvement of all children to take part in some form of Physical Education and sport at school.


Making sure the improvements we make are sustainable is crucial to the progress of P.E. and sport here at Peterbrook. These are discussed within the breakdown of our spending below:


We continue to work from our new scheme of work for the whole school from Reception to Year 6. This is the RealPE scheme and it is fantastic, as it allows the children to focus on their stage of P.E. and not just their age level. This is great, as it allows all children to challenge themselves at their own level, as well as providing amazing, fun and engaging lessons that will develop the children’s agility, balance and coordination. The children have shown real positivity with this new scheme and have reported back to my Sports Council that the skills they learn really benefit their P.E. learning and sporting activities.


Teachers are assessing their children based on the skills that they have learned and also through their individual personal, social, cognitive, creative, physical, health and fitness skills. These assessments will be monitored by the P.E. coordinator, who will ensure that children are continuing to participate well in lessons, as well as ensuring a good attainment level across all Units of Work within the new scheme.


Money for this came from last years budget


We  continue to provide the children with 2 lessons of P.E. throughout KS2  through the use of sports coaches who run sessions that compliment our new scheme of work. The coaches will do this by focusing on the children's agility, balance and coordination skills through our challenge cards, as well as working on both individual and team games/activities. There is a continuous dialogue between the P.E. coordinator and the coaches, enabling all sessions to link together and to ensure progress is being made by all children within the classes. The coaches will also aid the P.E. coordinator with the running of Intra-School sporting competitions that will run throughout the school year, once again allowing all children to participate in fun, competitive sport.


The coaches have also been asked to run a 'Gifted and Talented' group for children that are excelling in their P.E. here at Peterbrook and also to run a 'Social Sports/Games' group, which will aid in building confidence of individual children through fun and engaging sports games. The children will be continuously monitored on their progress throughout these lessons, ensuring that the more able are being engaged through challenging sporting skills.




We have once again been able to become an enhanced member of the Solihull Sports Package, which has also allowed the PE Coordinator and other staff from our school to attend training days to develop as PE teachers, lunchtime supervisors and coordinators for the school. This benefits the children in many ways, which includes allowing them to take part in more engaging PE lessons and in more competitive sport. Through this package, we are able to sign up for the basketball, football, netball and cross country competitions, along with others, which will begin during the Autumn Term. There are many other competitions that run throughout the school year, which include Rounders, Swimming, Tag Rugby and Athletics that we will also be attending.


Having such a wide variety of Sporting competitions allows for many different children to take part in a sport that they enjoy/excel in and that it is not just the same children competing all the time. This once again shows the positive effect our pupil premium money for P.E. and school sport has on the participation and attainment of our children here at Peterbrook.





The school have chosen to spend money on purchasing new equipment for the school. We have funded new netball posts, so that we can have an A and a B team this year, (allowing more children the chance to compete) football goals, basketballs, footballs and netballs. Without this equipment, the school would not be able to take part in sporting events against other schools and P.E. lessons would not be as engaging as they are. This equipment will be very positive for the school and the children taking part in both the lessons and extra-curricular school sport, especially with the continuation of our brilliant new scheme of work.



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