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On Monday 14th November, Year 6 had a fantastic day visiting Safeside at Eastside. During the morning, pupils were given a tour of the village, which includes a shop, train, canal, pedestrian crossing, a house and a bank. Children were given lots of information in each area and were able to find out the best way to keep safe in different scenarios, including a house fire and in the event of getting into trouble near water. I hope that pupils will be able to tell you lots about what they found out and even encourage safety at home, including the testing of smoke alarms on a regular basis. At the end of the morning, pupils were all tested on their newly acquired knowledge and were able to all pass the safety quiz!


After the lunch break, we began to think ahead to next year and children were encouraged to ‘think outside the metal box’. The purpose of this was for children, when thinking about traveling to secondary school, to consider using public transport such as buses, trains, cycling or walking.  It was interesting to see the great benefits these can bring, including: saving money, socialising, helping the environment and keeping fit. Whilst looking at different modes of transport, pupils sat on a bus and decided where the safest place to sit would be and how they could overcome any potential problems they could face on public transport.


The other part of the afternoon involved learning about risks on the road and children practised using a speed gun to find out how quickly vehicles were traveling. We learned some statistics about road safety and pupils were surprised by some of their newly acquired information. Having spent the day at Safeside, I am confident that pupils are now even more aware of potential risks they could face and most importantly, how they can keep themselves safe.

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