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it is difficult to believe that we are over halfway through the week.  Today has been another action packed day.  Two groups went gorge scrambling up a waterfall, one went exploring in an old mine and the other went body-boarding at the coast and canoeing in the afternoon. We all walked along the coastal road tonight, ending up at the magnificent Caernarfon Castle.


it was a day when lots of our children felt nervous about something they had to do but managed to overcome this to achieve success. It has also been a day when the children relied on each other for both physical and mental support. Kind words of encouragement and an out-stretched arm to pull someone up have been common place. The team has become stronger.


Highlights for the children today included jumping off a high ledge into a really deep pool in the waterfall; being flipped over by the power of the waves when body boarding; using ropes to climb and having lunch in a beautiful place.  


Today has provided lots of learning opportunities. There was a big focus on water safety which was related to rivers, lakes and canals around Solihull Lodge. One very honest child commented that they thought that they were going to be the best at the activity but realised that they were not. We discovered rare mosses and even saw a cormorant. 


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