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Sitting down over hot drinks and supper at 9:20pm tonight with our wonderful Year 6 children, we reflected on what a busy day we have had. An early rise; a 7:45am meet at school; 8:00am departure and an alternative route due to a road closure.  We arrived at the Arete Centre in Llanrug at 12:30pm under grey, foreboding skies which soon turned to rain. However, our optimism and positivity helped us to quickly unpack, collect our peg kits and make our way to Lake Padarn.  We worked as teams to inflate our rafts, navigate and paddle our way across the lake. He rain stopped and blue sky and sunshine was seen.  After tea, we headed out for a night walk from Llanberis to our centre. 


Favourite moments for the children so far include: standing up and balancing on the edge of the raft; jumping up and down in a boat; falling in (!); everything and the darkness of the walk.


Things that we have learnt include: how to hold a paddle and how to use it; it is cold in the lake; Arctic Chard are very rare and have been around for thousands of years and live in Lake Padarn; how to steer a raft; that working as a team is really important and how to put a duvet case and pillow case on! 


It it has been a wonderful day. The children are worn out but can't wait to find out what they are doing tomorrow. Good night.  


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