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Red Nose Day


A huge thank you to all the children in 4H who were involved in raising money for charity today. For our Red Nose Day celebrations we dressed as super heroes, created our own joke collection and completed the Mile Run. 

Our Christmas Performances


Due to the Covid restrictions we were really sad that we couldn't take part in our usual Carol Concert. However, we had great fun creating 2 different performances for you instead. Click on the links below to watch our videos.  


Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!!!

From all of 4H x

Christmas Jumper Day (December 2020)

Green Day (Autumn 2020)


Today we focused on the importance of recycling. As well as all coming to school dressed in our best green outfits, we also used recycled bits of paper to create our own mosaic picture of a Greek spartan soldier's helmet. 

November 2020


In the last lesson of our States of Matter topic, we have looked at the Water Cycle. This we learnt, involves two changes in state. When the sun heats up the sea water it turns into water vapour (a  gas) this is called evaporation. When the water vapour cools it begins to form clouds, this is called condensation. 

Water cycle | BBC Bitesize | science

Materials , ks2

November 2020


This week we have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. On Wednesday, the 11th Day of the 11th Month, at 11 o'clock we all held a two minute silence to remember all those who have been lost in wars. Some of our children are part of Guides/Brownies, Cubs/Scouts and they proudly came to school wearing their uniforms. 

November 2020


This Friday we held our Autumn charity day to raise money for the Birmingham Dogs Home. There were lots of different activities which took place throughout the day in order to raise money. We came to school dresses as animals, had Cake and a Chat with our friends and some took part in the cake decorating competition. A huge thank you to all those who were involved and supported this great cause. 



Congratulations to the winners of our best dressed competition in 4H!!!

October 2020


We found out the results to our Science experiment this week. We wanted to know what effect different drinks have on our teeth and so we place egg shells into 5 different drinks; water, Coke, orange juice, Ribena and coffee. We were shocked to find that the Ribena had caused the most damage, staining and bubbling the surface of the egg shell. 



October 2020


This week we were excited to start our first Science topic 'Digestion'. We have been looking at teeth and their functions. Did you know there are 4 types of teeth? Incisors, Canines, Pre-Molars and Molars. Can you remember what we use each of these types of teeth for?


What are The Different Types of Teeth? Types of teeth and their functions Our teeth are one of the strongest parts of our body. They are made from proteins s...

October 2020


In this week's PE session we have started to take part in CSW School Games challenges set by Miss Stock. This week we took part in standing long jump, chest push and speed bounce, recording our scores as we went. There are still lots of activities for us to take part in including; vertical jump and shuttle run. 

September 2020


This week in Art and Design, 4H have been working with Mrs Aimson to create a clay pot in the style of Ancient Greek pottery. They spent last week, researching the patterns and techniques used by the Ancient Greeks and have created their own designs to show what they would like their pots to look like. This week they have used clay to mold and make the pots. Next week, when they are dry they will be painting them. 


See the PP below too find out more about pottery in Ancient Greece.

September 2020


We have wasted no time in diving straight into our first topic Ancient Greece. We have already looked at the country Greece and discussed the key features of its landscape. We have even used the iPads to research Mount Olympus. Did you know it is the highest mountain in Greece?

September 2020


Welcome to our class page!!! We are so excited to be back after such a long and uncertain time away from school. We have lots of exciting things planned and are keen to back to our new kind of normal. For key Year 4 information and support, check the General Information folder on the last page. 

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