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Mr Russell's Challenges

Exploring Core Values - Take the challenge!


How many of these things can you do during this academic year?  Show or tell your teacher and your class about them.


Bake a cake for someone.



Speak out when you see something you don’t think is right.


Go for a walk and make a list of all the sounds you can hear


Play a game with your family.


Paddle in some kind of water holding an adult’s hand.


Leave somewhere better than how you found it.  For example you could pick up a piece of litter.



Do a household chore

without being asked.


Talk to an older person you know about the past.


Learn how to say hello, please and thank you in a language you have not heard before.


Squelch some mud (you can use your hands or your feet!)


Read a book by a new author.



Lie outside at night and look at the stars.


Try a new food that you have not had before.


Make a dream catcher.


Walk through fallen leaves and listen carefully!


Learn a poem by heart.



Write a letter by hand to someone special and post it.



Learn the words to a song and sing it with a friend.


Make a collage of things you find in nature.


Create a face on a hard boiled egg.

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