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Monday 18th



L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: To divide 4 digits by 1 digit

Children use their knowledge from Year 4 of dividing three digits by 1-digit by dividing up to 4-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. They use place value counters to group their number and develop their understanding of the short division method.

Explain the method of dividing (using the bus stop method) to the children. 

Maths Monday 18th January

Times Tables


See the test provided. You will have 3 minutes, write down how long it took to complete and then mark.

Use times table to practice your times tables for your test on your 8’s next week!



Success Criteria: I can discuss an increasingly wider range of poetry.

Step 1: Discuss the life of a tiger. Where do they life (what is their habitat like), why they are under threat of extinction?

Today read the poem ‘Tiger in a Zoo’ by Pat Moon. Discuss the poem with someone at home and make notes based on the following questions:

 What do you know about the poet’s view point? Which words and phrases appeal to you? Can you fnid the meaning of any unfamiliar words or phrases? How does the poet describe the zoo? How does this contract with the tiger’s natural habitat you discussed earlier?

Did you spot any repetition in the poem? How is repetition used? Where does the repetition occur in each verse?

Highlight the verbs in the poem, why have these been selected? 

Explore the use of pronouns, who are they referring to?

Look at the final verse; what is the poet saying about the tiger’s world and the poet’s world? What is the poet’s viewpoint on zoos? What effect does the whole poem have on you, the reader?


Answer each question, or discuss the questions and write a paragraph response sharing your viewpoint on zoos and the effect this poem might have had on them. Use evidence from the poem to back up your points.

English lesson - Tiger in a zoo



Find new 15 and 10 word spelling lists below.

Guided Reading


Complete the pre task activity from the powerpoint below:

Physical Education (PE)


Log in to Jasmine realPE (Username: YearFive1234 Password: different1787)

Select KS2 and then select Counter balance. Go through the red activities, watch the video and complete the skills shown. Attempt the supporting weight activities with someone at home if you are able to. There are icons just above the video to support you with the exercises and activities.

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