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Monday 11th



L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits

Children will move on from the area method and work towards more formal multiplication. They will start by exploring the role of the zero in the calculation and why it’s important. Children should understand what is happening through each step of the calculation process.


Practise this method with other calculations and ensure you show all of your working out. Use the area model to check your answers. There is no worksheet for today's lesson. You just need to practise with 5 calculations of your choice to make sure you understand how this method works :)

2 by 2 digits column method

Times Tables


See the test provided. You will have 3 minutes, write down how long it took to complete and then mark.

Use times table to practice your times tables for your test on your 7’s next week!



Success Criteria: I can plan my poem.

Today you are going to plan your poem inspired by Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’.

Step 1: re-read the poem from last week.

Step 2: Look at how the poem is structured and punctuated.

Step 3: Plan your verses. See the structure below to support your writing process.            

See planning sheets provided to support your plan.

English Monday 11th January

Guided Reading


See the attached timetable to show which task you will need to complete. Please see comprehension activities that will be completed by different groups on different days this week (please see the timetable). There are 3 different levels for the comprehension; easier, tricky and genius. Please choose which level you think is best to challenge yourself and complete that task :)

Physical Education (PE)


Log in to Jasmine realPE (Username: YearFive1234 Password: different1787)

Select KS2 and then select dynamic balance. Go through the red activities, watch the video and complete the skills shown. Attempt the training circuit activity.



Test yourself on the 30 word spellings you were given before Christmas.

Find new 15 and 10 word spelling lists below.

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