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For 10 minutes each day, try and practise your timestables on TT Rockstars!  They help with EVERYTHING!


This week, you will be starting work on telling the time.  Time is always a tricky one but really useful to know!  Please read the notes below before you make a start!


  • There are three different activity sheets to represent different abilities.  When you click on the activity sheets you will see a code in a star on each page.  D stands for Developing (easier), E stands for Expected (medium) and GD stands for Greater Depth (hard).  Use your judgement on which you think your child is able to do.  With my youngest, sometimes she does the developing sheet and sometimes she does the expected. 
  • On the each powerpoint, I have written notes for each slide so that you know how we will teach it or give you hints! Hopefully this will help you!
  • Activities on the powerpoint are the same or very similar to those on the sheet so if you go through the powerpoint then they should have all the skills they need to complete the sheet.
  • The answers are there for you if you need them.  Try not to let your child use them unless they are seeing if they were right at the end.
  • If you need squared paper, look in the '8th - 12th June' folder!
  • You do not need to do both of the Friday sheets unless you want to.

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