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For 10 minutes each day, try and practise your timestables on TT Rockstars!  They help with EVERYTHING!




What do you know about fractions?  Work through the powerpoint presentation, making sure you understand exactly what each number means and not just that the total number of pieces goes on the bottom! Get a piece of paper. Can you fold the piece of paper into a half, into quarters, into thirds?



This is similar to yesterday but today you are looking at fractions of a set of objects not a shape!  I have put the answers to the final problem on the second page of the worksheet.  No cheating kids!




Today we are finding out a fraction of a number.  See the video for how to do this!




This is some more practise with fractions, using the same skills as we used yesterday. Here are some handy hints for the parents!


Question 1.  They are literally doing the same as yesterday. So to find the amount of red sweets (1/3 of 24) they would get 24 objects and share them into 3 groups and count how many in one group. Then do the same for the blue and green.


Question 2.  They will have to work out 1/2 of 48, 1/8 of 48 and 1/4 of 48 and then add them together.  Do they add up to make 48?


Question 3. You can do this with objects if you like.  Look at the denominator and see there are 4 groups.  So draw 4 circles.  You know that there are 2 in one group so put two objects in one of the circles.  You know that each group must have the same amount in. So put 2 in each other circle - how many in total?



Today we will be learning how to find 2/3 or 4/5 of a number.  See the video for how to do this!



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