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Welcome to Little Scientist's page :)

Here you can see all of the exciting and interesting investigations we have carried out.

Space Plants


Time Peake has been setting lots of challenges for children in schools. One of his challenges was to grow seeds which had been up into space, to see if they would still be able to grow. We have grown our our seeds and thought carefully about the conditions needed for plants to grow healthily.

Discovery Bag


What has Uncle Astro put in the bag for Cosmic and Gem to explore? They think the bag has parts of trees inside but they are not sure. They want to find out more.

Plastic Cup Telephones


Did you know the first voice ever heard on the telephone was that of Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. You can hear your friend because sound travels in waves, moving along the string. The cups act like speakers making the sound louder - amplifying it.

Be Seen, Be Safe


"I nearly knocked these two off their bikes," grumbles the policeman. "They were riding round, no lights and just look at what they are wearing! No wonder I couldn't see them." "Oh dear!" says Aunt Stella. "We need to make sure you can be seen and be safe in the dark. I wonder what we could do?"

Muddy Mess


Gem and Cosmic are on their way to the school party. Oh no, disaster! Gem has fallen over  and landed in a muddy puddle. Her t-shirt is very dirty. "I am sure there is something we can do," says Aunt Stella kindly. "We just need to think about it."

Music Maker


Cosmic and Gem are having breakfast with Uncle Astro. Gem is tapping tunes with her spoon to make sounds. Cosmic notices that the tune sounds different after he has poured fruit juice out of the bottle and the mugs are filled with tea. 

Scrap yard scraps


At the scrap yard, Gem spots a mouse carrying a piece of sponge from an old car seat. "Where could it be going with tha?" she wonders. Down the hole where the mouse has gone there's a big pile of scrap yard scraps that the mouse has collected. "Do you think all those things will keep it warm?" asks Gem. 

Starting Sounds‚Äč

"On your marks," shouts the starter. She holds the starting gun in the air. The runners get into their starting positions. Everyone is cheering for their favourite runner. "Come on Uncle Astro!" yell Cosmic and Gem. The starter pulls the trigger...Oh no!The starting gun has broken. How will they start the race?  


Tea Bag Trouble

Poor Uncle Astro. He wants to make a nice cup of tea but he’s run out of tea bags. The shop is only selling packets of loose tea leaves. Uncle Astro doesn’t like tea leaves floating around in his drink, so Cosmic and Gem wonder if they can make him some tea bags.



Brilliant Bubbles

Cosmic shows Gem how his new bubble machine works. "What lovely bubbles!" Gem shouts, as she jumps about trying to catch them. "They are OK," says Cosmic. "But they are all the same shape... And they are all the same size... And they are all the same colour. I wanted lots of different bubbles, but these are all the same." "You must be able to make different bubbles," says Gem…




Confusing Cans

Gem and Cosmic want baked beans for lunch but Uncle Astro’s cans don’t have any labels! Gem picks up one of the cans. "I wonder if the way they roll might help us to work out what is in each can?" says Gem. "Let’s see if we can find out."



Testing Timers

Cosmic and Gem are practising for sports day. They need a timer to work out how many balls they can get into the bucket in one minute. They want to make a timer to take into the garden. Uncle Astro thinks that they can use sand to make a timer.



Plant Detectives

Cosmic has found a plant growing out of the pavement. He can’t work out how it got there. Plants grow in gardens, not pavements – don’t they? Cosmic and Gem need to be plant detectives and look for clues! But where should they look to solve the mystery?




Sneaky Shadow

Cosmic has lost his shadow. He knows that it was with him all day but now it is missing. Gem and Aunt Stella try to help him to find it. Gem finds it under the street lamp and Aunt Stella finds it on the wall. Where has the sneaky shadows been hiding?



Speed Scooters

It’s a lovely sunny day. Cosmic and Gem are going for a ride on their scooters. Aunt Stella suggests they have a race. Three, two, one and they’re off! Cosmic is on the grass. He’s in the lead and scooting as fast as he can. Then Gem whizzes past him on the path. Cosmic is surprised. How did Gem do that? What do you think?


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