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Let's enjoy celebrating our first 'Bastille Day'!!

Peterbrook pupils explore the events which led to the French Revolution on our first 'Bastille Day'!! - 13 July 2012


Year 4 celebrate 'Bastille Day'


In school today KS2 children got to know all about the French Revolution and the fate of King Louis XVI and his Queen Marie-Antoinette.

In France, the ‘quatorze juillet’ or Fourteenth of July is a special celebration that we know in England as ‘Bastille Day’. During our International assembly, Mrs Lyko-Edwards was keen to share the details that made Bastille Day a very memorable day in her childhood. The children learned about the Bastille prison where so many innocent, ordinary people were kept and tortured. The children were shocked and intrigued to hear about the gruesome beheading of a Monarch, yet understood that the Revolution gave way to a state of ‘Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité’ (Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood).


KS2 children were surprised (and slightly jealous) to learn that this occasion takes place in the middle of the French summer holidays. Today in France, children are preparing for a weekend of celebrations which include street parties, parades, fireworks and much more…


Many thanks to Mrs Lyko-Edwards for sharing the wonderful art work produced by our French partner school in class CM2 of Ecole des Turbaudières – Cholet. They ensured we got their paintings in time for our assembly; they reproduced parts of a famous frame by Eugène Delacroix ‘Freedom leading the people’.


'Bastille Day' forms a part of our International Curriculum which is being developed with our partner schools in Sweden, Sri Lanka, France and China.

Mr. R.Randle

International Curriculum Leader

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