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Friday 5th



L/O: Fractions S/C: Compare and Order – More than 1

Whole Class input: Children use their knowledge of ordering fractions less than 1 to help them compare and order fractions greater than 1. They use their knowledge of common denominators to help them. Children will compare both improper fractions and mixed numbers during this step.


Complete the activities from the weekly plan together and then attempt the worksheets below:

Ordering & comparing - more than 1



Success Criteria: I can identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning

  1. Explore the viewpoint of the Coral reef poem and why the poet presents the poem in the first person.
  2. Discuss what the poet is trying to convey through the last four lines of the poem. What are they suggesting?
  3. What is the impact on you as the reader? How does it make you feel?
  4. What is the message of the poem?

This poem uses kennings (two-word phrases often using metaphors to describe an object).


Research into pictures and facts of dying coral reefs (the video from yesterday may help you with this) – this is a big contrast to those explored earlier this week.


Discuss the reasons for the destruction of coral reefs. Try to research some interesting facts about them too. What relies on the Coral Reefs to survive? How does this make you feel?

Research into Coral Reefs

Guided Reading


Free choice reading. Enjoy reading a good book for at least 20 minutes.



Geography - Around the world: Project.

You will have two weeks for this task. You are going to create a project on a country of your choice. Information can be displayed and presented in a style of your choice (e.g. a video, PowerPoint, poster, leaflet or a non-chronological report). Questions to consider:

  1. What is the name of your country?
  2. What is the country’s flag?
  3. Where is your country? i.e. which continent, can you find an image on a map?
  4. What are the lines of longitude and latitude for your country?

Facts about your country. Does it have any mountain ranges? Does it have any particular landmarks? What is its capital city? What is the farming like in your country? Who is the Prime Minister/ President of your country?

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