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Friday 5th


L/O: Fractions S/C: Multiplying fractions by an integer.

Refresh work from the previous lesson on multiplying fractions by different integers. Go through some more examples on the board for the children to practise on their whiteboards. Move on to multiplying a non-unit fraction by a whole number. They use similar models and discuss which method will be the most efficient depending on the questions asked.


Explain the easier method of completing these questions. You turn the integer into a fraction by putting it as the numerator and by putting 1 as the denominator. You then just simply multiply across.

Complete the worksheets provided.

Multiplying non unit fractions by an integer


Success Criteria: I can write the final version of my play script.

Look back over your draft, edit and improve so you are completely happy with your work. Then, using your best cursive handwriting, write up the final version of your play script. Ensure you use your editing and improvements.


After you have completed your draft and edited it, finish reading chapter 5. Then, today, or over the weekend, read chapter 6 in preparation for Monday's lesson.

English Friday 5th March

Guided Reading

Go to the World Book Day 2021 page on the Peterbrook website:

Follow today’s activities, which focus on Michael Rosen and going on a book scavenger hunt J


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