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Friday 22nd



L/O: Multiplication & Division S/C: To complete end of unit Assessment

Children to complete End of Unit Assessment on Multiplication & Division

Children to complete Multiplication & Division consolidation pack.

Maths Friday 22nd January



Success Criteria: I understand how language contributes to meaning.

Starter: Write down the word whale. Use this in a sentence which includes a relative pronoun.

Main task: Read through the example of a persuasive letter and the persuasive word mat. Highlight effective persuasive language and phrases on the letter. Consider and make notes about how these phrases couldbe incorporated into a letter to Kit Wright. What do you think his views already are? Are you trying to persuade him?

Make a list of selected phrases onto your magpie page to support your writing next week.

Persuasive letter writing

Guided Reading


Free choice reading - Read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Topic - Geography


Geography - Around the world: To understand different time zones

Go through PowerPoint.

Introduce children to the aims of the session, discussing how they will be working on understanding time zones around the world and thinking about why we have different time zones. Discuss with children what GMT is, looking at how long it took to introduce and why it is significant, considering with children why it can’t be the same time of the day across the world at the same time. Following this, look at examples of countries that have more than one-time zone, considering why this is as well as looking at other countries such as China and India who only use one-time zone despite the size of their countries meaning they exceed 15degrees of longitude. Once children are confident with the idea of time zones and why these were created, explain their activities and set them off on these.

Go through PowerPoint again if needed, which will help to explain time zones. Then, attempt the questions from the sheet.

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