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ECO Codes and Action Plans

Our Eco Code!


Here is our ECO code.  You can also find this on our notice board and in each classroom.


Our ECO Code


At Peterbrook, the pupils and adults have decided that we needed to be ‘greener’ and do things that will help protect our environment.


Our ECO Council decided that in order to do this, we needed a set of rules that everyone in our school could follow. This would be called the ‘ECO-Code’. After discussion in our ECO Council meetings, we decided to use the word ‘protect’ to form our code, as we thought it was a perfect word to explain what we are trying to do.
The ECO Councillors also decided that they wanted the whole school to participate in creating our new ‘ECO-Code’ and so we gave the word 'protect' to each class and asked them to create seven rules for us to follow, each rule starting with a letter of our key word. All of the classes came up with some fabulous ideas and we chose some of the most important ones before creating our final ‘ECO-Code’.


Here it is:


These rules are important to follow at school - see if you can try and follow these rules at home too. 


Action Plan

As part of ECO schools, you have to carry out an environmental review which is an audit of how well our school is doing environmentally. From this, the ECO councillors and myself come up with an action plan of what we want to achieve for the year.  

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