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Donald, Daffy and Daisy's Adventures


The ducklings had a great time at Peterbrook. Donald, Daffy and Daisy became big, strong and brave ducklings and learnt to stay as a group, share with each other and they even learnt to swim and dive in Mrs Colton's bath! I know our time with them was very short, so here are a few videos showing you how they got on. They have returned safely to the farm to continue their learning and to make friends with other ducklings. Enjoy! smiley



Duckling 1 Hatching

Donald (named by the children) was the first duckling to hatch. He came out feet first!

Feeding Time

I think the ducklings favourite time of the day is feeding time. They spent most of their first few days eating, drinking water and sleeping!

Exploring the Reception classrooms

The ducklings went on a walk around our classrooms. They had great fun!

Walking in a group

Diving Time!

Second time in the bath - the ducklings were so brave and experimented with diving!

Grooming Time

After the bath the little ducklings spent 5 minutes grooming themselves.

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