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Green Day Spring 2018!


What a fantastic Green Day! I have loved seeing all your different ways to travel to school. I have now set up the air pollution monitoring tubes outside of the school and they will be sent off when we come back from half term! I know I’m looking forward to the results!


Remember we can all help to reduce air pollution by making small changes – turning off unused electrical items, trying to walk short distances and lots more!


Green Day Autumn 2017!


During our first Green Day this year we focused on the Rainforest Alliance as it is their 30 year anniversary! We looked at what the rainforest provides and how it impacts our world. Many of us discussed what would happen if we didn't have the rainforest and why it is important to protect it.


We discussed the job of the Rainforest Alliance and some of the products which showcase their logo. Some of us also looked at Fair Trade and what this means for the farmers who grow the produce.


It was a really exciting day with lots of different activities which ended with our Harvest Day Festival! A big thank you to all who donated food it is greatly appreciated!



Green Day Spring 2017!

On Friday 7th April we had our second Green Day. During this Green Day we learnt all about water! We began our day with an assembly from Severn Trent Water where we learnt about water safety and how to be responsible with our usage of water!


After our assembly we went back to our classrooms and discussed the issues around the world concerning water. Some of us looked at how our country compares to others around the world and how lucky we are to have access to clean water. Others looked at our water consumption at home and at school and discussed ways that we can reduce this! Years 3 and 4 even had a special workshop from Severn Trent Water.


How are you conserving water at school and at home?


Green Day Autumn 2016!

This year we held our first Green Day on Thursday 6th October. We all wore green to show our support for the day and in exchange we brought in a donation for our Harvest Festival and what a fantastic job we did! This Green Day focused on us looking at Fair Trade and each class took part in a selection of activities during the morning where we learnt about what Fair Trade means and why we should consider buying Fair Trade goods over others!


During break and lunchtime over the past few weeks some of the eco-councillors and other children have assisted Miss Belcher in harvesting all of the fresh produce in our Eco-Garden so that this could be added to our Harvest parcels. It was very muddy and a lot of hard work but we have produced an excellent crop this year! 


Well done everyone on an excellent first Green Day for this academic year!



Green Day Spring 2016


On the last day of the Spring term, the whole school celebrated 'Green Day' where we all wore green and talked about why we need to save water and how we could do it. 


Green Day - Autumn 2015


On Friday 9th October 2015, we all came into school dressed in Green to support Green Day.  We decided to have it on the same day as the Harvest Festival as our theme was Fair Trade and we felt like this was an appropriate topic to look at, on a day when we were helping others.  If you would like to know more about Fair trade there are lots of websites to look at!  Below are some of the activities the children did on this day.



Green Day Summer 2015


On Friday 19th June, the whole school took part in another Green day.  These days are important so that we can involve the whole school in trying to make our world a better place.   

All of the children came to school dressed in Green and participated in a number of activities.  This year, each year group were given a different topic to look at:


Year Group



Litter and 
School Grounds




Healthy Living








Global Perspective



Green Day Spring 2015


In our Spring Green Day 2015, we focused on Waste and why we should try and reduce it.  We started off the day with an assembly which told us what we could do to help the problem and reduce waste.  We then went back to our classrooms and completed some work. 



Green Day Autumn 2014


For this year’s Autumn Green day, we decided to focus on the very important issue of Fair trade as we thought it fitted in perfectly with our Harvest Festival which was happening during the afternoon.


Each year group did an activity based on food and Fairtrade. The children had a lot of fun whilst understanding a lot about what Fairtrade was and why it was so important. Below is a set of examples of work and also a description of what they did.


The Reception children had a discussion on 'what is green?' and 'What does it mean?'. They also read the Charlie and Lola book which looks at where chocolate comes from and all the work that goes into growing the cocoa beans.


Year 1

When we asked the children where they thought food comes from, the only answer that came from them was 'from the shops'. We therefore started our Green Day by looking at where various foods come from. We read a lovely book which looked at foods we might have in the cupboard at home and where they came from.


Year 2

Year 2 looked at the story of Tea and what Fairtrade meant.  They then looked at water and why clean water was important.


Year 3

Year 3 watched a Chembakolli powerpoint on Fair Trade tea, discussed it and designed posters which you can see below.


Year 4


Year 4 looked at the Fair Trade website and discussed what it meant.  They also looked at the case study and completed an online quiz. Children had an A3 worksheet with different activities and made a small book which were sent home to share with their families.


Year 5

Year 5 looked at the Fairtrade website and looked at different ways we could impact.  We watched a video about banana crops and completed a quiz.


Year 6


Year 6 looked at the Fairtrade quiz and the coffee mix activity.


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