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Our New ECO Garden!


A HUGE thank you has to go out to GRO-ORGANIC who built us a new garden after the old one became wild!  We now have a pond, a teaching area and planting areas.  Yesterday, 'Wellies 2 Bellies' came in to teach us how to run and manage the garden.  It was a tiring day of manual labour but the children had so much fun and the garden is looking amazing! We have planted onions, potatoes, carrots, herbs, parsnips and a lot more! See the photos below!

Our ECO Garden goes from
strength to strength!!

Our new ECO Garden is now packed full of growing flowers and vegetables!! Since its opening in April our fabulous new learning environment has been used by pupils from Nursery - Year 6 each week as we have introduced a new element to our teaching programmes. Our fantastic ECO Community Gardening Team of Emma, Tony, Tracey, Maureen and Dave have put in countless hours with our pupils showing them how nature works and how the most beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables come from a garden and not a supermarket!!

Each week we are now harvesting our vegetables from the garden which are then washed, prepared and served for school lunch on the same day!! This week we have enjoyed lettuces, onions, beetroots and radishes!! There's lots more to come in the months ahead including, pumpkins, potatoes, peas, beans, spring onions, carrots, etc. etc.

Our ECO Garden is also packed full of great gardening equipment so that our produce grows well and tastes good! We have a full range of colourful wellington boots (50 pairs) for our pupils to choose from and specially designed gardening aprons. A set of kneeling pads finishes off the gardening gear!! 

Miss Lukeman is one of our Peterbrook lunch time supervisors, as well as a parent in the school.  She has been kind enough to volunteer her time this term to do some gardening with the children.  The children have really enjoyed this and are looking forward to our gardening remodelling!



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