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Spring - first half term 2020

Time has flown by in 6CH since Christmas. It's been another busy half term where progress is really beginning to show.


Highlights for Mrs Hurd and Mrs Carey from this half term include:


  • The Young Voices concert at Resorts World Arena - many of our Year 6 pupils were involved in this spectacular event. Mrs Hurd was so proud of all those involved.


  • Practice SATs week - this was the first proper chance for pupils to undertake similar tests to those they will encounter in May. We were impressed by all the hard work shown and evidence of progress that has been made since September. We still have plenty of work to do but there was a lot of promise shown.


  • SATs booster sessions - a huge well done to all pupils who are attending weekly after school maths booster groups. You are trying so hard to consolidate your learning. We hope the squash and biscuits are helping you out too!


  • WW2 Evacuee Day - what a day! Our pupils looked fantastic dressed up and captured the essence of life in the 1940s through their costumes. A visit from Professor McGinty took our learning even further in a highly visual and dramatic way. 


  • Sports Hall Athletics - many of our pupils represented the school in this event, participating in a range of indoor athletics event. They did the school proud, only narrowly missing out on making the finals.


  • Captain Scott and the Antarctic - we have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about this fascinating explorer and his quest to lead the first British team to reach the South Pole. We know so much about the continent and its history now - feel free to ask questions to any member of Year 6 and they will tell you all about this topic!


  • Electricity - within Science, we have been making circuits and stretching our existing knowledge of electricity.


  • The Arts - we have been exploring rhythm and pulse in Music. In Art and DT, we have been considering the topic of 'Make do and Mend' which links in beautifully with our WW2 work. Pupils are 'upcycling' an item of clothing or creating something new out of existing material. The creations are looking fabulous!


Well done 6CH for a fantastic half term. Have a wonderful week off!

Autumn term 2019

What a busy first term we've had in 6CH!


Mrs Hurd and Mrs Carey have many highlights from our first few months together. These include:


  • An energetic and adventurous five days away in Llanrug. From gorge walking to rock climbing, canoeing to caving, body boarding to rafting – we covered a lot and overcame so many fears. We were so proud of our pupils for taking part in everything on offer!


  • A super week of project work back at Peterbrook for those pupils who didn’t go to Llanrug. Wonderful art work was created and a real sense of teamwork was achieved – a huge well done for cooperating so well together and taking on extra responsibilities whilst many of your peers were away.


  • An entertaining visit from children’s author Andy Stanton. Some pupils even got books signed.


  • Being captivated by our English WW1 book – Archie’s Wartime Scrapbook. Pupils were inspired by the layout and content of this book and produced impressive writing. Our extended homework, which required our children to make their own scrapbooks, was impressive. A huge well done for all the extra effort put in at home on this.


  • Seeing excellent progress in Maths as the term has developed. We have covered many topics including place value, the four operations, multiples, factors and fractions. We are also seeing weekly arithmetic scores improve as our pupils become more confident with methods. Well done – keep it up!


  • Varied topic work which has included: Classification and Heart & Lungs in Science, Celebrating differences and Dreams & Goals in Jigsaw/PSHE, Rainforests across our Humanities and Music lessons, Weather in French, Humanism in RE and a range of team games and skills in PE.


  • Children in Need – the Year 6 landing was full of chocolate donations which pupils generously donated for wearing non-uniform. We felt very proud of the generosity shown.


  • And finally to round off the term in a festive style: we watched a pantomime, we put on our own Christmas concert, where we were able to share some of our own musical talents and we produced a variety of Christmas arts and crafts to take home to share with our families.


We look forward to a jam-packed spring term in 6CH!




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