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Sarehole Mill

Today, 1W took a trip to Sarehole Mill.  We met Mrs Andrews, who was trying to find a new apprentice to work in her Victorian flour mill.  Once they were dressed in their Victorian work day clothes, the children learnt how to turn the wheat into flour and had a look around the mill to see how it all worked. The worst job they heard about was cleaning out the bread oven - Victorian children had to climb inside the oven to clean to the very back.  Unsurprisingly, nobody wanted to do that job!  The children had the opportunity to play with many old kitchen implements - it was amazing how many children wanted to have a go at the ironing!  Finally, the children had a go at writing their names using an old fountain pen and ink, as anyone who worked at the mill in Victorian times had to sign a form to say they wouldn't give away any of its secrets.  We had a lovely day at the mill and I hope you enjoy talking about the photographs below.

Our Trip to St James' Church

This afternoon, the Year One children visited St James' Church to learn all about the Christmas story. We had a very interesting time meeting lots of characters from the story including the shepherds, the three kings, and even Mary and Joseph. Baby Jesus was also there in the stable.  We learnt about how Christians celebrate Christmas, and why this is such a special day to so many people.  Here are a few photographs of our trip for you to enjoy and talk about at home.

Colour Studies

We have been studying warm and cold colours, linked to changes in the seasons. We saw warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges in the Autumn. We saw cold colours like blues and white in the winter. 

Self Portraits

When our pupils started Year 1, one of the ways we got to know each other was through our self portraits. These are displayed in our corridor.

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