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Our Painted Lady Butterflies

We have been waiting very patiently for over a week, for our butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis. The RD butterflies came out first through the week, much to the excitement of the children. Once they had all emerged they were released into the wild, to enjoy our outdoor area.


RI's butterflies still hadn't made an appearance by Friday so I brought them home. Yesterday morning the first butterfly came out of it's cocoon, closely followed by the second one.  By the evening there were three. Will our remaining two butterflies wait until Monday to meet RI?


RI butterflies finally start to emerge...

The Life Cycle

of a Painted Lady Butterfly

Do you remember what happened to our caterpillars?

Click on the pictures below to take you to websites where you can find out more about butterflies.




The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have been reading books by Eric Carle. He has written lots of stories about different mini-beasts. Click on the pictures below to visit his website and listen to animated versions of his stories .


Which is your favourite Eric Carle story?

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