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Week Ending Friday 8th December 2017:


There was 'snow' way that we would let the bad weather conditions affect our fantastic week in 5H...


The children have continued to work extremely hard this week and have finished the design and making of their stringed instruments. Some worked really well and some have difficulties, but that's the way the arts and crafts business goes sometimes. All the children put great effort into their work and photos are up on our pictures section, so please have a look. 


We have had our last swimming lesson for the year and I want to congratulate all the children for their hard work and perseverance throughout all lessons. Many of the children have been rewarded for their efforts with a wide variety of certificates, which reflect the hard work that they have put in!


We have lots to look forward to, with the Christmas break not far away, however we do have Maths and English assessments that we will be completing next week, so please stay focused until these are completed!


We are also looking forward to our carol concert on Wednesday 13th December at 6:00 pm; so please come and join us for a festive sing a long next week! smiley




Week Ending Friday 24th November 2017:


Well, this week has been excellent! We have worked really hard on long multiplication and division within Maths lessons. This has led us to working on factors, factor pairs and common factors, where the children have used their knowledge of times tables to show a good understanding of this.


We have been doing lots of research in English, building up to a wonderful non-chronological report on Tutankhamun. The children have used this piece of writing to try to include our grammar work, which includes: Parenthesis, Relative Clauses, Colons, Speech, Subheadings and many more. They have worked really hard on these.


We had a great time early in the week with the visit of Olympic Athlete and Gymnast, Dominick Cunningham. The children took part in the fitness circuit with a very positive attitude and we had a fantastic time watching him walking on his hands.


We have had a great start to outr D&T unit of making instruments by designing, drawing, cutting, glueing and painting our projects. We will continue with these next week and they will be fantastic when they are finished in a few weeks time :) We have also been very practical in Science, where we all took part in a super investigation into air resistance through the making of paper and cardboard spinners. 


Well done everyone! Keep up the hard work!


Week Ending Friday 17th November 2017:



What a fantastic week! We have worked extremely hard on many different topics. In Maths, we have learnt how to do long multiplication with both the grid and column methods. We have also done some division and we have even moved on to converting the remainder into a fraction and then into a decimal. (The children have worked so hard on this and their knowledge of converting fractions and decimals from previous lessons really came in handy here).


In English, we have been working on debating. We held our very own class debate (which was brilliant, so please look at the photos section) where the children put across their arguments for others to debate. This then led us on to our Big Write, where the children had to write their own two-sided debate with a conclusion.


The week has ended with an amazing day for Children in Need. We have taken part in a number of fun activities, including: Teach the teacher, where we learnt how to draw cars, horses and people, do ballet and even learnt some Korean, Free Games Time, Slime Making, Outdoor play , Talent Show and a disco! Possibly, the most rewarding part of the day was at the very beginning, where we watched some clips of children and celebrities from the official children in need site. This really opened our eyes as to why we raise money in the first place and led us to have some really thoughtful discussions about why raising money for children in need is so unbelievably important.


I want to thank you all for your donations today, as it is true that every penny does really count towards providing children with better lives. Please have a look at the photos section to see what we have been getting up to today! smiley


Also, just a little reminder that we need the boxes and cardboard etc in before next Thursday, so that we can start to make our musical instruments. Many thanks for your help with this.


Mr H


Week Ending Friday 10th November 2017:


This has been a very busy week indeed for us all here in 5H. The children have been working extremely hard and have been showing great enthusiasm towards all of the subject areas and should be proud of their hard work.


Within English, we have been looking into Howard Carter and his important role with the finding of Tutankhamun's tomb. We have written some detailed pieces of writing which have included: using colons for lists, using formal and informal language and even using our Year 5 Grammar within our Newspaper reports (which even included parenthesis to add extra information within brackets surprise)


Maths has also been full on, with lots of work on fractions. Recently, we have learnt how to use a protractor; now we are able to measure and draw angles accurately and we can even draw an angle of 250 degrees with only a 180 degree protractor! no


We have moved on to our new topic of forces within Science and we are using of knowledge of Space to look into the forces of gravity and the huge impact that it has on us here on Earth. We have even answered the questions of "How much does an astronaut weigh in space?" and "If you drop two round objects of differing weights (one heavy and one lighter) on Earth from the same height, which will hit the ground first?" These types of questions are really testing our Scientific brains and we are having great fun doing it.


We have also started our new Design and Technology unit and we are planning, designing and making stringed musical instruments. For this, the children will need to bring in to school the following:

  • An empty tissue box - If you don't have one of these, then a cereal or shoe box will be fine (we will be able to cut out a hole in the middle)
  • Extra cardboard/cardboard boxes - These will be used by the children to create the design of their musical instruments. The children will cut out their design, paint and decorate their design and then put it all together.
  • Extra bits and pieces (if they want them for their design) - For example, an empty wrapping paper / empty toilet rolls may be useful for the neck of the guitar.


We will be starting our projects on Thursday 23rd November, so please send your child in with these items during the week beginning Monday 20th November. If you could make sure your child's name is on their boxes/items then that would be a huge help. Please also ensure that your child has their Art apron in school for that week, as we will be painting their designs before putting them together.


Thank you!


Week Ending Friday 20th October 2017:


The final week of this half term has been a very hard working one indeed! The children have completed two Maths Tests (One Arithmetic and one Reasoning), a Grammar test and a Reading Comprehension test. I want to praise the children for how well they have behaved throughout these tests, showing that they understand how important they are to their learning. They have all worked their socks off so I want to praise them for this also.


It's not all been tests though, with some great work in P.E, Swimming and Science. We have all taken part in a Science investigation, where we looked into how craters are formed on the moon. We have done this by looking at different sized meteors and asteroids (different sized/weighted balls) and how much impact they would have if they crashed into the moon (flour and cocoa powder). It was a fantastic experiment, looking into the depth and width of the craters formed (as well as being a really fun, messy experiment - apologies for the flour on the uniform angel smiley) Please have a look at the photo section of our class page!


It's been a fantastic half term and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! The children have worked so hard and have earned a good rest over the holiday. Have lots of fun and come back fully refreshed and ready to go after your break!

Week Ending Friday 13th October 2017:


We have had a super week and have been working really hard on all subject areas. 


We have been doing some skills tests in swimming, with a number of successful results. Well done to everyone as we are all making excellent progress!


Within our English lessons, we have written our own Quest stories; planning mail, drafting , editing and then writing up in our best handwriting. I am very much looking forward to reading these!


I want to thank you all for attending parents evening this week. It was great to meet everyone and I know that there were many positive conversations about the progress of your children. They really are working so hard and are making good progress because of the hard graft that they are putting in! Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

Week Ending Friday 6th October 2017:


This week, we have been really working hard to use our new grammar (Modal verbs, relative clauses, relative pronouns and parenthesis) in all of our written work. We have even begun to use them in Science, whilst producing a non-fiction piece of work on the planets within our solar system!


We have been working our socks off on fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths and I would say that we are 80% of the way there to grasping it fully. (Or should I say 0.80 or 0.8 or 80/100 or 8/10) cheeky We will be carrying on with fractions, as there are many more fun things to discover!


We have also done some cross country running in P.E. to improve both our fitness and stamina levels and ALL the children really impressed me with their attitude and energy within the lesson!


Towards the end of the week, we celebrated Green Day and Harvest Festival. You and the children were very generous with the donations for our Harvest Box and it was over-flowing in the hall, so a massive Thank You from me! no There are some more pictures up of our fantastic work on Respecting the Environment and Rainforests, so please have a look!


I have sent out letters for the Dunfield Trip. Please bring in the replies if your child is interested in going. It doesn't guarantee them a space but it does give us an idea of how many children may want to go. It really is good fun (I went last year), as long as you're interested in the music or arts side of things. 


Week ending Friday 29th September:


What another great week we have had in 5H! smiley


In Maths, we have been learning all about fractions, decimals and percentages and how they can all be linked through the magic of converting.

In English, which is awesome, we have been learning about how to use relatavive clauses in our sentences! (See what I did there?) We have also been understanding how modal verbs must be used in certain sentences to emphasise the likelihood of things happening. (See what I did again there? smiley)

We have also performed some drama through the format of an interview. These were fantastic and photos are up!

We have been having some amazing swimming lessons, with everyone improving and our P.E lessons are working on the tactics of games, with a focus on coordination skills.

Music and Science have also been ace, with more learning about the solar system and some rocking out to Livin' on a prayer! (You have got to have a look at the video of us doing this! smiley)


What an amazing week! Bring on next week!

Week Ending: Friday 22nd September


We've had a fantastic week, working really hard across all areas of the curriculum. In Maths, we have been working on place value; ordering, comparing and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000.


We have finished our first short story on the Purple Lady within our English lessons and have written some fantastic summaries of the story. 


We have also had lots of fun in Science; learning all about the planets in our Solar System and going out on the the playground measuring out the distances between them (with a bit of a smaller scale). Music has also been great; listening to and appraising the two songs of Livin' on a prayer and We will rock you!


All the children are working so hard and we even won the attendance award for the first two weeks! Sam the Bear is ours! If we're in school, we're learning! smiley

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