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Spring Programme of Study

Year 5 Spring 2017


5B – Miss J Belcher | Miss S Slater


5RB – Mrs C Rackham | Mrs Z Burn | Mrs K Johal


POETRY WITH ATTITUDE: This poetry unit helps pupils to appreciate the power of language to communicate feelings, emotions and viewpoints through the written word.  Pupils experience how poetry can be a source of inspiration, imagination and consternation.  The poems selected cover a range of poetry forms and topical themes, providing pupils with 'food' for thinking and discussion.

CLASSIC LITERATURE: This unit focuses on the study of a classic novel, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S Lewis.  The book features in many lists of classic literature every primary pupil should read. The novel reflects the categories of the fantasy and adventure genres but there are aspects of fables and myths too. The story of four children, who discovered a new land at the back of a wardrobe, weaves drama, action and imagination for a satisfying read. The novel is multi-layered with many themes for pupils to explore such as friendship, betrayal, sacrifice, forgiveness, justice and loyalty.


Refer to the new route through calculation document, the following topics will also be part of our spring term focus: number and place value | additions and subtractions | fractions including decimals and percentages | measurement through problem solving involving money | statistics- tables, charts and timetables | geometry- properties of shapes and work with angles.



In science we are finding out:

  • how we hear sounds and see light 
  • how the human ear and eye work
  • how sounds and lightwaves travel
  • how we change the pitch of sound
  • about echoes and acoustics 


We will also be looking at the life cycles of plants, birds, mammals, insects and amphibians.


In design and technology we will be finding out:

  • how to make an elastic band guitar



In science we are finding out:

  • how humans are different from other animals
  • about the brain and the nervous system
  • about the bones and the muscles in our body
  • how the human heart works
  • how we breathe and what the lungs do
  • how the body uses food and water 
  • the basic changes as humans develop from birth to old age
  • what happens during puberty 


In design and technology we will be finding out:

  • how to plan and prepare a healthy meal 



We will be finding out about:

  • When I grow up
  • Investigating jobs and careers
  • My dream job
  • Dreams and goals of young people in other cultures
  • How we can support each other
  • Rallying support



We will be finding out about:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Emergency aid
  • Body image
  • My relationship with food
  • Healthy me
RE In our RE sessions we will be answering the question of 'what do you find comforting?' This explore Christianity with the children and has a focus upon the Easter story. 


During P.E. the children will develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of fitness and health; co-ordination through ball skills; agility through reaction and response; seated static balance and floor work. Swimming – pupils will work toward the National Curriculum requirements for swimming at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.


We will be learning about how to design, write and debug a program. 

ART & DESIGN We will be learning about embroidery and will be aiming to produce crosses for our Easter cards!


We will be learning how to create our own instruments. 


In music we will be playing our homemade instruments. 


In French we will be continuing our learning on simple phrases and directions as well as looking at transportation. 

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